Why Food Courts are Struggling with Quality Services and What’s The Solution

food court problems and solution

Nowadays, food courts have become an important part in all the popular malls and other buildings of public interest. However, those of us who have eaten a meal in such food courts know that most of the time it is not a pleasant experience. There are lots of issues that customers face while dining out in a food court. Let us explore such issues in detail and then find out how making these food courts Voolsy enabled can solve most of these problems.

Problems customers face in a food court

    • Due to the very nature and type of operations that food courts have adopted, they have become overcrowded and one cannot expect such places to be a peaceful dining out solution for their customers.
    • Due to the long queues and crowd, if the person who is sitting at the counter and issuing tokens is inexperienced, it causes a lot of inconvenience to the customers as there may be some sort of misunderstanding while taking their orders and customers have to stand in a long queue for extended periods of time as the person takes lots of time to process each order.

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  • Sitting areas in the food courts are always congested and the design or the seating arrangement in the food courts is not customer friendly at all.
  • If the customers go to a food court during peak hours as in a weekend, they have to face the issue of heavy rush at the counter and they have to stand in a long queue before their turn comes to place an order.
  • There is no escape from the queue in a food court. Every time any customer has to order something while in a food court, they have to always stand in a line to get their order processed by getting a token as there is no personalized service at any food court.
  • Customers cannot customize their food while ordering their meals from a food court. This happens due to the token system and there is certainly little connection between the person who is processing the order, that is mostly centralized, and the entity that is preparing food and serving to the customers is totally different. Hence, customization of food orders is currently not possible in a food court.
  • One huge problem that customers face in a food court is that they cannot order food in between while they are having their food at a food court. If they want to add to their order and want something afresh, they will again have to stand in a line to take the token and then order. This is a huge drawback of the food courts.
  • Even if the customers want just to take-away food and not have food in the food courts, there is no difference as still they will have to stand in a line for tokens and for ordering their food, and this system is a waste of time for such kind of customers.
  • One other huge drawback of food courts is that most of the time, personalized menus are not available there and customers have to stand and decide their order from the common menu that is displayed near the ordering counter. This is very uncomfortable for the customers.
  • It may happen that customer stand in a long queue in a food court and then when their turn comes to place order, they discover that the food item they want to order is not available. This leads to lots of frustration in the customers and their valuable time and energy is just wasted.
  • If you are eating in a food court, then you will have to place all the order of food that you are going to have at once, since there is no system of ordering while having the food at your table. This leads to inconvenience for the customers, as sometimes they have to order all the food at once and the food thus ordered is not hot or fresh if consumed at the end.
  • There is most of the time noisy atmosphere in the food courts and customers cannot have their food at peace, comfortably or without disturbance.

Voolsy : The Solution for Food Court Quality Service

  • Firstly, if the food court is Voolsy enabled, there is no need to stand in a queue to order food as the order of the food can be placed by the phone of the customer itself. This eliminates the long queues and the token system and makes life easier for both food court operators and their customers.
  • The problem of not having personalized menus in the food courts is also solved by making them Voolsy enabled. In case of a Voolsy enabled food court, customers can find the digital menu right in their mobile phones and there is no need to stand near the counter to decide what to have. They can order food from the comfort of sitting at their table.
  • There is no need for the payment counter, the food court can be designed in a better manner while giving comfort and more privacy to the customers. No major changes are required in the food court structurally to make it Voolsy enabled.
  • Even if there is heavy rush in the food courts, with Voolsy, you need not to wait in a line for placing your order. You can order directly from your phone and your order will be processed at once.
  • Those who want to just take-away food and not sit and have food in a food court can always pre-order using the Voolsy.

There are lot more other features to set-up Voolsy in food courts, but for this you can directly reach us to discuss to make for your venture Voolsy enabled.

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