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Reduce Manpower Cost

Voolsy lets customers order directly through the app which reduces their reliability on waiters to get menu and place orders. Restaurants can focus more on serving and save on manpower cost.

ROI on Transaction charges

Transaction charges on digital payments are a liability to the restaurants as it dosen't give any returns. Voolsy helps restaurants to convert transaction charges into a fruitful investment by letting them give several offers/discounts through the app leading to repeat customers and more profits.

Know your customers

Voolsy provides detailed customer analytics which helps restaurants know their customer preferences, choices and ordering habits. This understanding helps restaurants create offers that attract repeat orders and increased order value. Customer feedback through Voolsy helps restaurants understand customer expectations to improve on their services.

helping you increase


Achieve Goal with us



Enhance your service while giving more comfort to your customers. They don't depend on the waiters for ordering or payment. Give your customers high quality service.

Effective man

power utilization

With the help of in-depth analytics of Voolsy, you can organize your man power at the restaurant/café as per the business of the place.


your ROI

With a high table turnaround time, effective manpower utilization and power of in depth analytics, it is obvious that you will get a higher ROI.

Better inventory


You can generate category wise sales reports and know the precise quantity of food and drinks required per week or month. This helps you stock what is required on rush hours.

Matching your


We easily gel with your restaurant by a compatible POS system and you don’t have to make major changes to set up Voolsy.



Voolsy is easy to install at a low cost. You get the latest technology in an economical cost.

Reasons to say 'YES'!



Voolsy is all about simplifying your customer service. The overall eating-out experience of customer is enhanced through Voolsy and that lead them talk or visit your restaurant again!

App for

all needs

Whatever F&B business you are into, Voolsy has universal restaurant system that serves all kind of food business requirements.


all time

We want every restaurant owners to run the business hassle-free. So our support team is available when you need them the most. From account setup to marketing support, we simplify your business needs!



Voolsy gives you control over your business. Keep a track of your restaurant sales reports, stock availability etc seating anywhere. So, planning holiday is quite easy now!


We are a network of 1500+ restaurants with popular food chains.
Bring yourself in the list with famous brands.

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