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How Voolsy Helps Restaurants? | Voolsy Blog

How Voolsy Helps Restaurants?

When people visit any restaurant all they want is delicious food, quick service and a quality time to relax with friends and family. However problems such as shortage of staff or menus, rush hours and lack of knowledge on the items offered often blocks the way to quality offerings barring a restaurants image.

Observing and facing such problems, the founder of Voolsy – Smit Nebhwani came with this concept that would help both the customers and the restaurant owners to ease out the dining.

What is Voolsy?

An application that works inside restaurants to ease out the order and paying process using iBeacons.

How Voolsy Helps Restaurants?

how voolsy helps restaurants

  • Cloud-Based Solution
  • Negligible Investment
  • Empowering Customers
  • High Table Turnaround
  • More Focus on Quality
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Real-time Marketing
  • Variety of Reports

— Cloud-Based Solution:

Voolsy being a cloud based solution is flexible, can be used from any location and is secure. It helps busy owners manage things from anywhere.

— Negligible Investment:

You just need to invest on the tablets and the printers to be used at your dining area. The best part is that this system can be installed almost in no time and does not require any modification to the current system that is being offered.

— Empowering Customers:

Once a customer enters the dining area, his entire dining experience will be controlled by him. Right from placing the order, customising it and paying the bill — entire process can be managed by the user. Even if they need a waiter or a manager, they can be called at the press of a button.

— High Table Turnaround:

Voolsy saves time of a customer and helps them place order very quickly. Due to the time saving process, the overall table turnaround is increased. This leads to more profits and return on investments. The time saving process has helped restaurant owners increase their sale by 24%.

— More focus on quality:

Voolsy helps owners manage real time records of payments and orders, manage staff effectively and focus more on offering quality food since the primary task of taking orders is managed by Voolsy itself. Since a lot of operational tasks are assisted on by Voolsy, restaurant owners can now focus on providing quality food.

— More sale via Upselling:

Voolsy provides upselling feature due to which different food items are suggested when a customer is placing the order. This leads to increase in the upsell items and more per order value.

— Detailed analytics helps in taking informed decisions:

Voolsy provides reports on details that help making informed decisions about the future promotional activities, marketing campaigns, expansion plans and ways to manage the non peak hours. The likes and preferences of the customers are know so they can be leveraged on to gain more loyalty. The analytics provided by Voolsy have helped restaurant owners to increase their productivity by 30%.

— Real-time marketing:

Voolsy provides marketing options such as in-restaurants promotions to market offers real time. Instant offers can be provided to users dining in your area gain more loyalty, trust and goodwill.

— Different types of automated reports:

Right from the amount of sales done on each day, new customers visiting the dining area, repeat customers coming to the places, most occupied hours at the dining area all the details are available in the reports provided through the Voolsy Admin section. These reports helps restaurants owners know the ins and outs of their place and leverage on their strengths.

— Campaign Tracking

Voolsy offers great marketing activities for its partnered Restaurant. It regularly conducts campaigns to get more footfalls and awareness about the offerings of the dining area. Collaboration with Voolsy is mutual and it leads to benefit of both Voosly and the partnered outlet.

Voolsy is currently working with 700+ outlets across three cities and is gradually gaining more acceptance with people. As envisioned, it is bringing a revolution in the way people are dining helping them focus more on having food rather than waiting for a waiter to get their order.

Want to know more about Voolsy, check our video!

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