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To Create 360 Degree Change in Restaurant Industry is Our Mission | Voolsy Blog

To Create 360 Degree Change in Restaurant Industry is Our Mission

create 360 degree change in restaurant industry

Need for the App

In the Indian context, there are many apps that give suggestions to customers about which restaurant they can visit. But there is no app that takes care of the experience a customer has once they are inside a restaurant. The Voolsy mobile application aims to significantly enhance the dining experience of the customers who are going to any restaurant and provide them with a seamless experience once they are inside the restaurant. If we look at the current scenario of the customers who are visiting any restaurant expecting fast and efficient service, the outcome is at the best a mixed bag.

Current situation

Currently there is no personalized attention given to a customer once they enter any restaurant. On top of this, the customers have to face the issues of lack of sufficient number of menus, shortage of staff and delays in billing while they are in the restaurant. In most of the cases, the restaurants face an utter lack in trained manpower and most of the time, waiters don’t know how to deal with customers and their queries.

This is specially pertaining to the utter lack of knowledge amongst the waiters regarding the cuisines served, the ingredients it has, the quantity that will be served and other details. All these issues completely degrade the experience of the customers inside the restaurant and most often, they are left wanting of better service.

All these bitter experiences derail the customer satisfaction and their experience of eating out. Voolsy is designed to serve as solution ending all such problems by seamlessly integrating all these services in one single app to give a fulfilling experience.

The solution For Customer

The Voolsy app can be used in the following manner by the customers:

  • The customers can automatically identify their table once they enter the restaurant through the system of ibeacon.
  • The menus of that particular restaurant are already preloaded in the app and hence the customers doesn’t have to depend on anyone for ordering the food.
  • All the details for all the cuisines that a particular restaurant is offering along with their photographs and quantity served are already preloaded inside the app.
  • Even the ingredients used in a particular dish are also mentioned.
  • The customers can directly place their order through the app.
  • Customers can even customize their dishes with the help of this app.

Also, the customers can pay for their food through an array of options that are available in the app and hence there is no need for them to wait for this service as well.

The solution for hospitality industry

Voolsy is beneficial to the restaurant owners in the following manner:

Customer management

  • Waiters and managers can easily manage the customers in a restaurant with the help of manager app.
  • Manager app lets you know the entire information about which table is occupied and what is the order given from that particular table.
  • In case of any difficultly faced by the customers, they can easily contact the manager through the app.

Manpower management

  • Manpower utilization is streamlined since the process of ordering and payment is smooth due to the app.
  • Less manpower is required as the customers can order and pay for their food on their own.
  • Burden is reduced on the existing restaurant staff since most of the work of ordering and payment is done by the app.

Branding and marketing

With Voolsy, the restaurant owners can give real time offers to their customers based on their past order history and preferences.
Hence, the restaurant owners are targeting the most pertinent customer base for which they already have the required information.
This is advantageous to the customers as well since they get offers that are designed for their own personal preferences rather than based on the preferences of the entire target group.


The Voolsy mobile application also gives a lot of analytical power in the hands of the restaurant owners, for now they can know in real time what is the most popular dish of their restaurant, what is the occupancy rate, which is the busiest day of the week in the restaurant and other analytical details that were before calculated manually.

The Voolsy app gives access to detailed customer behavior and preferences to the restaurant owners and they can use this information to design highly targeted marketing campaigns and to give personalized deals to their customers.

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