What Would Be The Name of Apps If Cricketers Develop Them?

wt20 2016 cricket campaign india

The world T20 cricket world cup in India is on and during this fever of intense rivalries and cricketing fever, we decided to add a little dose of fun to the whole thing. Based on this, we ran a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on what would be the possible app startups of famous cricketers. We added the characteristics of the apps based on the attitude of the players like MS Dhoni, AB De Villiers, Malinga, etc.

Check out the various app startups of famous cricketers below.

Sachin means cricket.
The only name little master should give to his app is the encyclopedia
sachin the encyclopedia

Dhoni is the man who collects a stump after every win. That’s why if he develops an app he would develop it to uproot the stumps easily for captains after every win.
dhoni uproot the stumps

Virat Kohli would definitely have a thought on this.
“Should I create an app to block this #$#$ word when players like me are at play?”
virat kohli abuse word blocker

He has the Gabbar attitude in his moustache and how to develop it must be the name of Shikhar Dhawan’s startup.
dhawan moustache

Can somebody please send this message to Chris Gayle that he must start to develop an app about how to hit back to back sixes in T20 matches.
chris gayle hit back to back sixes

Malinga has two specialities i.e hairstyle and bowling style.
His bowling style can be copied but to copy his hairstyle we definitely need an app, developed by exclusively him
malinga get ghetto hair

If AB Devilliers develops an app, it would be about batting in 360 degree app , which might tell cricketers and fans about batting in all the direction.
ab devilliers batting in 360 degree

Shahid Afridi might already be developing an app that can skip popular mauka mauka ad of World Cup.

shahid afridi skip mauka mauka ad

You can join us on Facebook and Twitter accounts to suggest more players’ startup names.

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