Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign

During this Valentine’s Day, we decided to connect in a unique way with our fans. We thought to adopt a theme that would club both love and our business i.e restaurant industry. Connecting both of them was a challenge. Restaurant industry social media posts should be both entertaining and convincing.

We made a beautiful use of pun language and created various foods as the main characters of our campaign. The campaign passed the feelings of various food items when they fall in love with each other.

The first post we designed was between the ‘hot’ coffee and ‘cool’ ice-cream. We have depicted how two foods having opposite attributes of hot and cold would react if one of them proposes

icecream proposes coffee

This post is between cherry and cupcake, who are always together. How would the cupcake react to the beautiful proposal of cherry?

sweet pairs cupcake

This post is between chicken, donut and pastry. How would someone react when already committed, someone proposes to their Valentine? This is the situation in this post.

sorry for doughnuts

Pizza and beer are an inseparable combo and hence we tried to capture this relationship by beer proposing to pizza.

cheesy propose

In the same manner, burgers are always associated with French fries, and what will happen when French fries proposes to the burger.

french fries friday

In the last post, all the characters come together in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day and celebrate the spirit of love together.

happy valentines day

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