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Voolsy has Widened the Range by Introducing New Products | Voolsy Blog

Voolsy has Widened the Range by Introducing New Products

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Voolsy as startup always believes in ‘Bringing The Revolution of Innovation’. Every month or a year, Voolsy delivers to the audience technological solution they would be waiting for.

Voolsy’s innovative thinking is not now limited to restaurant online ordering system as we have expanded our services to cater all kind of industries with our creative technological products. We would like to introduce our few products with what benefits or change it would bring in your life.

Voonote – Advanced Visitor Management System

Voonote is our one of products focusing on visitor management system with Voonote you can digitalize the check-ins for your visitor. It’s quite easy to collect information of the guest, notify the guest about the visitor’s arrival and print the badges for visitor in just few taps.

Voonote is broadly used to create better guest experience and enrich the brand experience once visitor enters the premises. Voonote has different use industry-wise. Let us explain you Voonote in detail.

For Corporates
Voonote is the product mostly suited for corporate visitor check-ins. Whenever visitors enter in the premises, they don’t need to fill up the log book. They simply fill up the details on Voonote and the concerned person they want to meet. The information will quickly be shared with concerned host. There is no time waste and miscommunication.

For Retails
Voonote is positively accepted in retail markets. The retail industry can easily convert their visitor to potential customer as they can easily analyse with the dashboard and can plan customized campaigns for them. Voonote helps retail to increase their business on regular basis with powerful marketing.

For Valet Parking
Voonote has streamlined Valet parking system and made it less hassle free and secure. With Voonote valet can notify about the car parking status via SMS from Voonote. Even in rush hours, valet can easily manage car parked status and empty space from the dashboard itself.

For Feedback Services
With our Feedback services, you can take customer’s feedback or can create survey for your service to deliver better offerings. With our seamless process and multiple in-built feedback forms, you can increase customer satisfaction and improve the value of your brand.

1. Digital Check in/Check out
2. Custom Form Fields
3. Notify Host / Visitor
4. Keep Data In Cloud
5. Showcase Your Brand
6. Know Your Visitors
7. Remotely Manage Locations

Voolsy Lock – Powerful and Intuitive Mobile Device Management System (MDM)

Voolsy lock is nothing but a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Voolsy Lock lets you control your company owned devices from our dynamic platforms. You don’t need to worry because managing multiple devices and monitoring them sitting at one place is quite easy with Voolsy Lock.

Let us give you a brief about Voolsy Lock Features
1) Centralised Robust Dashboard
2) Get Device Information
3) Group Devices
4) Design Policy for Device
5) Enterprise Apps Management
6) Content Sharing
7) Employee Roles

Dashboard for Device Management
Voolsy Lock lets you manage devices from single and centralized system. Our dynamic dashboard will make easy for you to look after every device company owned without spending too much time.

Increase Productivity
Our powerful device management system Voolsy Lock makes accessible the content which is for business purpose. Moreover, spreading content read worthy is quite quickly possible with Voolsy Lock which becomes the core reason for productivity.

Data Cost Saving
With Voolsy Lock, admin can define the role for each device. Moreover, they can post separate policies for different devices. They can provide access for internet to necessary devices only. It leads to save more money on data side.

There is not a grey zone between employee and organization. All the related information, data and files can easily be accessible at employee’s devices. Moreover, organizations can track down the exact location and how the device is getting used.

Every device connected with Voolsy Lock is safe as it can be opened with given password. Moreover, if the device gets stolen or misplaced, the admin can easily wipe out data or apps stored in the device.

This is not the end of it and we would be coming soon with more intuitive products that help enterprises in catering their businesses with more efficiency.

DotSignage – Dynamic Digital Signage Solution

DotSignage is smart and automatic digital signage solution to display your multimedia content on your TV screen. No matter which industry you serve, you can easily market your brand with DotSignage. Once the content is uploaded, you can be worry free as it will automatically be played on scheduled time.

Intuitive Console
With DotSignage, you can upload the content in your preferred format. Be it JPG, MP4, MPEG, HTML etc it can easily be played with our system. Moreover, creating the playlist, playing it on multiple screens, creating scheduler with multiple playlists is a matter of a second with digital signage software .

Multiple TV Management
Want to show the same content to your multiple displays? Do it quickly with Voolsy Screen.

Moreover, you can keep a track of the content displayed on the TV. DotSignage offers you to group display screen and publish the same content at the same time.
Easy the Promotion with DotSignage

Scheduler -Set the content in advance and plays it repeatedly without any hassle
Action Status – Check the status of content played earlier or being played on display promptly.
Device Group – View a consolidated list of devices and group them to promote scheduled content at once easily
Access & Roles – Assign groups the devices they can access in a second and grant access as per the responsibilities

Find our products interesting? You can always reach us godigital@voolsy.com for more details.

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