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How Voolsy Can Enhance The Dining Experience Of The Customers | Voolsy Blog

How Voolsy Can Enhance The Dining Experience Of The Customers

Is there anything advanced than using the mobile application to improve the customer services in a restaurant and offer a seamless experience to the foodies out there? I don’t think so.

Here, we are talking about one such fantastic application – Voolsy.

It is turning around the way people used to eat in the restaurant. With Voolsy, a superior dining experience is awaiting you!

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No longer, you have to follow the conventional method of ordering the food in the restaurant.
No longer, you have to wait for the menu to be shared with you, order to be placed and food to be served.

Voolsy gives you a convenient option to place an order with a tap. The manager will receive the notification and the food will be served in no time. Pay the bill and enjoy a great dining experience.

Voolsy Enabled Restaurant Means Increased ROI !

increased roi

The cool features

Pre order saving:  Select from the menu anytime, anywhere and save it for later.
One tap order: Place the ‘saved order’ to proceed with just a tap once inside the restaurant
Bill payment in a jiffy: You don’t need to wait for the bill. Pay it securely online
History: Check your order history easily to know your previous order in a restaurant

Many Benefits of Using Voolsy In Restaurant

1. Makes dining experiences delightful

make dining experience delightful
There is nothing satisfying than a dinner that just went perfect. And, Voolsy does it for your customers. The Pre-Order Saving facility allow the customers to prepare the order from anywhere & anytime before they set on the table   in your restaurant. They just need to tap the saved order for the process. Also, the mouth-watering pictures of the food helps them to select the dishes easily.
As a restaurant owner, Voolsy comes with a strong backend and works for all your branches. What else you need to make your customers’ stay an enjoyable experience?

2. Lets you utilize your restaurant staff to the fullest

restaurant staff management
The restaurant business is highly competitive and people take no time to shun their ‘regular eatery’. Another issue is the lack of trained staff which adds to the woe.
But with Voolsy, this can be sorted in no time. Voolsy analytics will give you a clear picture of the regular footfalls.  The resources can be planned and the task can be assigned accordingly. The man-power can be utilized in an effective manner at the restaurants, making the job easier for the staff.

3. Improves Your Inventory Management

inventory management
You do not have to keep an extra inventory with the fear of shortage. There are times when the excess stock has to be thrown out due to expiry dates. Voolsy provides category wise sales reports which will help you to predict the food and drink quantities on a weekly and monthly basis.

4. Understands your Customers’ needs

understand customers need
You need to go for a behavioral analysis of the customers to optimize your business in a better manner. The Voolsy analytics will give you the power to understand the psyche of the customers and strategize your business accordingly.

5. Gives you high returns with low investment

low investment
Worried about your investments? Do not want to invest in expensive technologies? Don’t worry!
Voolsy can be purchased at a very negotiable price. You do not have to be a geek to install Voolsy as it is very simple and easy to use. Use this fabulous app to bring fresh changes in your restaurant.

6. Acts as a promotional tool

work as a promotional tool
Don’t want to take extra efforts to promote your business? Never mind!
You can send push notifications, emailers, and offers directly to your targeted customers. You can have a look at the analytics data and form your own list. Treat your loyal customers in an augmented way with Voolsy.

Voolsy makes customers’ dining experience memorable, every time!

Most of the times the restaurants are overcrowded and irrespective of the prior booking you will have to wait. Right from the turnaround time to the payment of the bill, the customers have to go through a lot of hassle.

1. A perfect date

a perfect date
Want to go out with your date or looking for some “Alone” time? Do not want the waiters to disturb you every now and then. Voolsy is the apt solution to it. You can have a look at the digital menu and place the order right from your phone.

2. Quality time

quality time with family
If you are planning to dine with your family, you can easily place the order via the app and get busy in the family conversation.

3. A gateway to information

gateway to info about food
If you want to know about the signature cuisines of the restaurants or the latest coffee that has been added to the menu or any vegan dishes, just click Voolsy. You can also check the quantity of the dishes so that you do not end up wasting food. Want to know how your food looks?  Install the Voolsy app and have a look.

4. Be an influencer

be an influencer
Are you tech-savvy? Want to be an influencer in your peer group? Use the power of Voolsy and order your food right there. Let your friends be curious!

Voolsy is a super cool app that is worth being a part of your smartphone? With the change in lifestyle, there is a huge demand for good food and even more than a good service. The increase in the purchasing power of the people allows them to go for the premium and luxurious services. And, Voolsy is sure to provide you a hassle-free dining service.

Do you mind having a glance? Check out Voolsy now.
Let us know your feedback!

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