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How to Grow Your Restaurant Sales | Go Digital, Go Waiterless

Unleash The Key to Grow Your Restaurant – Go Digital, Go Waiterless!

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We all eat & it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly

The restaurant business is tricky! Minimal margins, demanding customers, kitchen staff shuffling, suppliers’ inconsistency – all these issues are like the pain points every restaurant owner faces. It is not just the taste of food that is sought for. Right from the staff, the interiors, the menu and the food rate – multiple factors account for where a restaurant stands.

There is another side of the coin too – the customer side! The study says that restaurant faces 6.6 hours of waiting each week at customer end. The more a customer waits, the more his or her good dineout experience decreases. Apart from long waiting time, language barriers between the staff and the customer, lack of knowledge on the menu offered and long billing queues are among the others problems faced by them.

website online ordering system

Observing the dilemma, we decided to list out a few things every restaurant should do to ensure long term success on the go:

1) Go for smart digitalisation

go for smart digitalisation
What do customers expect when they enter any restaurant?
– Quick restaurant service
– Great ambience and food
– Offers to save money

While digitalisation in restaurants is limited to having a tablet to take orders, kiosks, digital menus or placing online orders, there is no point in having it if customers still need to wait to place order, cannot split their bills or have to face long billing queues.
A mobile solution that looks after everything right from menu placement, order taking, receiving payments to getting digitalised invoices solves the need of the hour.

2) Don’t just opt for table reservations

dont just opt for table reservations
Customers often feel they have won a battle by getting a seat reserved at the restaurant during weekends.
While dining they miss out on getting any personalised attention from the staff due to rush and end up spending more time on getting their order rather than savouring quality time on food. They often wish to have a personal waiter of their own.
In such scenarios, a digital solution that solves the puzzle of offering quick ordering process is looked for.

3) Choose universal apps against standalone apps

choose universal apps against standalone apps
Restaurant owners think of going for standalone apps for their outlets. The idea is to place itself as a digitalised restaurant. The cost to manage stand alone app for a restaurant is always high in terms of design, development, marketing and maintenance.
A practical solution would be to opt for a universal app since it comes on handy. They start with no cost and have enough registered users which don’t put a hole in their pocket.

4) Offer discounts or subsidised rates

offer discounts or subsidised rates
Who doesn’t like discounts? What if it’s offered on ones favourite food?
Restaurants can offer menu items at subsidised rates, granting discounts for orders only via the partnered universal app and let go of service charges. These are some ways in which restaurants can grab huge bills and customer’s attention altogether.

5) Place your offerings properly

place your offerings properly
Market your best services to its best. The way your services are placed in the way customers choose to see you.
Extensive digital marketing presence, standing in tune with latest trends and offering online ordering from your own restaurant site will help you make a mark.

6) Focus on CRM rather than footfalls

focus on crm rather than footfalls
Good food, great ambience is only complemented when you have loyal customers. They are the real influencers to bring more footfalls on your restaurants. Hence, it is essential to make them feel privileged. Notifying them on regular basis about new items, offering special discounts, taking note of favourite dish, and asking their feedback regularly are some of the ways to keep them engaged with your restaurant.

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