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How to Increase Restaurant Sales During Festive Season? Follow This Way!

How to Increase Restaurant Sales During Festive Season? Follow This Way!

Once the July month passes, India has always come into the mood of festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Durga Puja, Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali etc. The back to back festivals put the whole country in the rhythm of Festivals until December.

Every year restaurants during this time try to bring indigenous in their service to bring people’s attention. Voolsy has created list of ideas that restaurants can try without creating hole in their pockets.

1. Pre-plan your calendar

pre plan your calendar to increase sales
Any seasonal restaurant sales promotion campaigns need a month planning. It includes everything – the menu, restaurant marketing budget, platform selection, resource allocation. These all points will lead you better sales creation during the season.

2. Plan the menu smartly

plan the menu smartly
This is the area where you need to be more cautious. When you are thinking to put some add-on items thinking the festivals in mind, make sure you are playing on your strength. For an example, if your restaurant is for Italian food, you don’t experiment yourself with Indian cuisine, as the festivals are Indian. If you will get into this, the whole experiments will completely a down fall for you! The customers will expect something new from you in Italian flavors only. Consult the chef and team on menu as well as suppliers for raw materials and ingredients. They must be educated about it in advance and with proper training.

website online ordering system

3. Put special attractions & bring more sales

special attractions
During the season people may come with their family or may not! So choose wisely which ‘catch’ you want to bring in your restaurant. We can help you think in this. If your restaurant is family oriented, where people bring their kids so often, then putting some kids based attractions might help them enjoy their time. You can have creative travel based toys, Small blocks, small construction toys etc.

4. Decorations

decoration for festive season
When you are looking to decorate your restaurants, it is always better you decorate outside more because there must be outside attraction to bring the crowd inside. If you keep decorating inside the restaurants, it may happen that your interior gets damaged. You need to be more thoughtful in this because after the season, you need to be back into your routine restaurant theme.

5. Increase Restaurant Sales Through Digital Promotion

promotions in festive season
Restaurants generally keep standees and design the new menu to bring the audience attention for their new experiment. If the restaurant is tech-savvy, they do Google Adwords, try Facebook promotions and offer online ordering from own restaurant site also. We have seen that many restaurant owners also make a deal with food-tech startups to keep their users informed about their recent change. The restaurant should try all these ideas to pull out the crowd. The implementation of the idea, of course, depends on the budget they have.

Do all these the Voolsy way!

increase restaurant sales using voolsy
Here, where Voolsy comes into the picture. From menu creation to promotion, you all these tasks can be done at last moment and without any cost.

If you have decided the menu, you can create the menu in a jiffy. Voolsy gives you full control you’re your menu creation. You can add and delete items anytime, so if you are running the activity and the stock for the particular item is finished, you can immediately update the menu and save the restaurants from the embarrassment that generally happens when you say to a customer that this dish can’t be cooked right now.

Restaurant promotion with Voolsy is as easy as breathing! If you want to notify your audience about your new menu or activity, you can easily send notification and in a second, you can educate the customers about your new offers.

It’s the digital world and Voolsy is completely the digital solution for increase restaurants sales. Voolsy has more than 3 lakh users. We help you spread the word about your restaurant offers, themes, cuisine to all our users via social media promotions, email marketing, voucher distribution and so on.

Voolsy helps you save more time, therefore you can grow your business easily. So this time, when you decide your restaurant theme for this festive season, keep it the Voolsy way!

There are so much more Voolsy features that you can use to expand your business. Read more about How Voolsy Helps Restaurants?

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