Why We Want Restaurant Guests to Use an Interactive Digital Menu?

Today, we are living in a world that affords us many simple luxuries through the progress we have made in the digital world. You can order food, shop for groceries and pay your bills, all through a couple of swipes on the screen of your smartphone.

We, at Voolsy, want to make the dining out experience for the customers as hassle free as possible. The idea is to have an interactive digital menu for the restaurant that the guests can access and use at their own convenience.

Not only that, the interactive menu can also help both the customers and the hosts in the dining experience. It’s about creating a platform where the guests can easily look for local restaurants; find the menu, restaurant ratings and offers, both at the restaurant and in the comfort of their own homes.

The interactive menu is not a replacement for the staff of a restaurant but an aide to make sure that operations are smoother for the restaurant. Helping both the guests and the hoteliers create a smoother happier dining out the environment.

There are various reasons an interactive restaurant menu is just what you need to make your dining out experience comfortable and fool proof.

We will discuss a couple of reasons why we wanted guests to use interactive menus in restaurants and their benefits.

Helps you find the best deals

help you find the best deals
It’s an easy way to get information on all offers and discounts provided by your local restaurant, whether you are in the restaurant or looking for one. The guests can get all this information in an easy format, and thus it’s also in a way a sales tool for the restaurants and an easy way to find discounts for the customer.

Takes down language barriers

takes down language barriers
The guest will also have the option of being able to read the menu in whichever language is comfortable for him. So the customers from other parts of the country or overseas will be able to access the local restaurant menu in whatever language is most comfortable to them.

website online ordering system

Saves time for the busy bees

saves time for the busy bees
It’s an excellent tool to save time for today’s busy generation. You can access the restaurant menu from wherever you want and decide the order before hand. Once you have made the selections, you can place the order with a tap as soon as you get to the restaurant. It saves a lot of time, which would otherwise have been spent on deciding your order.

Makes the payment process quick and painless

makes the payment process easy
The app also allows you to make the bill payments from your phone. No more waiting around for the bill and the payment procedure after you have had your meal. You can pay directly from the platform and enjoy a hassle free, cash free dining out experience.

Shows you all the delicious food you could order

show you all the delicious food
Since it’s a digital menu, the customers can browse through pictures of the dishes before ordering, which we all know makes the ordering process so much easier. You can look at mouth-watering pictures of all your options and then make up your mind. No more being disappointed because you accidently ordered something you didn’t want.

Helps you remember the meals you loved before

helps you remember the meals you loved before
You can also view your history and check out all the meals you have had before. This helps you remember all the food you loved and would want to order again. You can also rate the dishes and the restaurant, making it a good restaurant rating tool.  You can check out the restaurant ratings to make a better-informed decision about where to eat and what to order.

Social media friendly

social media friendly
In today’s social media loving world, it also gives the guest the option of easy share. In the world of Instagram and Snapchat, we love flaunting our meal’s pictures. The digital platform can help make it a lot easier for the guest to share the pictures and details about the meal they have just eaten with their friends and relatives. Food bloggers will have never had it easier, as they share their meals with the whole world. So Go Digital, Go Waiterless!

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