Waiting For Your Turn At The Restaurant?- Not Anymore!

I still remember those times when I used to crave to visit my favorite restaurant on a weekend, but eventually, would give up? Wondering why? Yes, the mere thought of the wait time would take the thrill of having the delicious food. And isn’t this the problem with everyone who are dependent on the daily eateries and the restaurants? Be it a small sized restaurant or a star restaurant, there is always a waiting period. Let us have a look at the below information:

Average sized restaurants:

average size restaurant

They have a small seating arrangement and can accommodate 25-30 customers at a single go. It is mostly visited by groups hence, the order will be placed in the first time itself. Service and the quality of the food matters a lot here. The average waiting time in such restaurant is between 25-40 minutes.

Star Restaurants:

star restaurants

Yes, these are the types of the restaurants where you would want to take your girl for the first date or let’s say celebrate your parent’s wedding anniversary.  Needless to say that these star restaurants are elegant, sophisticated and ambiance oriented. You will have ample choices in the menu right from the starters to the desserts. Do not be disappointed if you are asked to wait for 40-60 minutes.

Thus, irrespective of the types of the restaurants, the waiting time is common amongst all. This gives a negative experience to the customers,  resulting in the decrease of footfalls. Need some solution to reduce the waiting time? Voolsy is one such food application which can throw volumes of information on the restaurant, food types, quality, the wait time and so on.

website online ordering system

Voolsy – Reducing the wait time and increasing the  yumminess!

voolsy enabled restaurant

Once you have downloaded Voolsy app on your smartphone, you can find out about the Voolsy enabled restaurants by just logging into it. Choose as per your need.
If you are a Voolsy user, you can save a lot of time as you can prepare the order well in advance, save it and once you are in the restaurant at your allotted table, you just need to tap and the order is placed!
This is a subtle way to save time as now you don’t need to think over the menu especially when you are in hurry. Have your meal, pay online securely and go your way!

If the waiting time is say 45 minutes, and you want to dine out with your friends, plan accordingly and be at the venue. You are sure to have a better dining experience than if you had to wait.

If there is a long wait in your favorite restaurant, what’s the point in being there and losing your peace of mind? Check Voolsy and find out some of the other restaurants that offer your favorite cuisines.

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