How Voolsy Uses iBeacon Technology to Nail Restaurant Queue Management?

Do you feel frustrated while waiting in never ending queues while dining out? We feel you. The long wait makes hunger totally obsolete and you want to go home and settle with your comfort food. Even if you somehow manage to stand the long queue and offered a seat thankfully, you have to wait for another 15 minutes just to receive the menu. Such is the irony at peak hours!

How about getting menus in the palm of your hand? Fancy a digital menu? We heard you!
Voolsy has revolutionized the way you place an order and pay. No need to be troubled by the queues or wait endlessly for the waiter to arrive and finally hand over a menu during the busy restaurant hours. Voolsy aims to change the way dining is experienced by the foodies.

Voolsy and iBeacon technology

Voolsy brings Apple's iBeacon Technology in Indian restaurants


Voolsy is first of its kind mobile app to use Apple’s iBeacon technology. The goal is to deliver an exceptional dining experience through iBeacon technology. iBeacon technology utilizes low –powered transmitters and facilitates the smartphone to interact with it when they come within the proximity area.

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Voolsy utilizes iBeacon technology to eliminate the restaurant queues. It is your personal waiter and gives you the access to the restaurant menu in your mobile device through its app. All you have to do is to download the Voolsy app and it will get your food needs sorted.

You can place an order from app via digital menu with a mere tap. The menu is beautifully presented along with tempting images and the most trending recipes of the day. There will be no need to wait for the waiter for ordering or payment endlessly. Voolsy will do it all for you.

The iBeacon technology used by Voolsy will help the customer to place an order easily though the app and it will be instantly received by the restaurant manager. You can customize the order as per your liking as well.

They say, “Time is money”. Voolsy will help you save the turnaround time of the dish served in a restaurant. As soon as you finished your meal, no need to wait further for the payment. Voolsy has got all the payment details right in your phone along with exciting payment options. So you can pay then and there and leave as soon as you want.

You can make your own ‘favorite’ list of the dishes that you liked so that the next time you don’t need to hassle and search for your favorite food at all. You can also rate the food so to let others know your valuable insights.

iBeacon technology used by Voolsy helps to enhance your dining experience by bringing the food in least possible time. The technology enables detection of table numbers will result in identifying the customer location and they will be served better and quicker.

Gone are the days when waiters used to go to every table and take the orders manually. Voolsy is the new generation app that lets you skip the line and save your time for a rich and personalized dining experience without missing out on anything.

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