7 Places in Ahmedabad to Dine Out with Your Beloved This Karva Chauth

Men, if you haven’t already made dinner reservations for Karva Chauth, you better get on it now! Your wife’s been fasting all day, so it would be nice to give her a break from the kitchen and make plans for eating out instead. You can splurge on a romantic candle light dinner or go to your neighborhood café, just make sure you make her feel as special as she makes you feel on this Indian day of romance.
Whether you want to go dine out as a couple or plan on taking the whole extended family out after the festivities, we have a list of restaurants ready for you with amazing restaurant deals to save more, just make a plan and go!

Philotes, Bodakdev

philotes bodakdevThis place gets big points for its lovely ambience. They have a large outdoor area where you can get all the privacy you want with their beautiful dim lit curtained areas. The greenery there also makes it special. Their menu is extensive so you can have your pick of vegetarian food from different kinds of cuisines. The music is great and the setting is perfect for you love birds!

Agashiye – The house of MG, Lal Darwaza

agashiye the house of mg lal darwazaA traditional Gujarati restaurant, this place has both indoor and outdoor seating, rivaling for top spot. The setting is beautiful with colorful tiled floors inside and a beautiful green space outside. The food they offer is traditionally Gujarati tasty enough to die for. This is our favorite place to take our family and to delight non Gujaratis with the authentic and delicious food.

Hoglatto, Vastrapur

hoglatto vastrapurWe had to put our favorite dessert parlor in here for you people with a sweet tooth. A post dinner getaway would be perfect here. We cannot stop raving about their customizable cakes and all their desserts. You can also pick up some of their delicious chocolates for everyone. They also have customizable gist boxes in case you want to pick up a sweet gift for your better half.

Nautanki – Gastronomical drama by Souq, Vastrapur

nautanki-gastronomical drama by souq vastrapurThis place might be expensive but the experience they offer is one of a kind. You can go for a nine course meal tasting which will leave you full by the time the dessert rolls out. They have different themes at different times and offer a great variety of experimental fusion dishes. This is a must visit for the foodies out there who are looking for a different culinary experience. Their talented and creative chefs get our thumbs up!

Sigri – Ramada, Prahalad Nagar

sigri ramada prahaladnagarVisit this place for the classy ambience. If you want a true fine dining experience, Sigri is the place to go. The food is delicious and the service prompt. They serve North Indian food and their specialty is non vegetarian food. We can’t stop raving about their meat dishes. This will definitely make for a classy eating out experience for your better half.

Can we Meet?, Bodakdev

can we meet bodakdevIf you enjoy sheesha, then this is definitely the place to visit. They have a great outdoor seating area where fountains surround your table. The romance factor here is definitely high with a great ambience for your dine out plans. The music is great and the sheesha flavors are varied.  The best thing about this place is that it is open till the wee hours. So it is perfect for late night plans after the festivities are done with.

French Roast – Mani Mansion, Paldi

french roast mani mansion paldiAnother place with a great atmosphere, this is yet another great eating out option for your romantic evening. The service is casual yet prompt with friendly and helpful staff. The aesthetics of their décor are classy and beautiful.  Both their indoor and outdoor seating areas are beautiful with light instrumental music making the setting perfect for a date night. The continental food has lots of yummy options to choose from. So, go ahead and have fun!
Which place are you planning to visit this Karva Chauth with your better half?

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