Cost Effective Restaurants in Colaba

Colaba is a must visit and a hub for tourists visiting Mumbai. Tourists from all over India and abroad come to Colaba for its main attraction, and that is shopping. To add to this, Colaba also boasts of a number of wonderful cheap restaurants that cater to the tastes of different palates. The sheer number of outlets on both sides of the Colaba Causeway is mind boggling, and we have selected the best among them for you to try them out.

1. Bademiyaan


There is no introduction needed for this place. If you happen to be in Colaba and you want to try out delicious and finger licking kebabs, then Bademiyaan is the place you have been looking for. The must tries of this place are the Seekh kebabs, Chicken tangri and Mutton Bhuna. The best part of eating out at this place is that the taste of the dishes remains the same, whether you go on a packed weekend or at the night of some weekday. This consistent quality makes Bademiyaan famous.

2. Sahakar Bhandar

sahakar bhandar

After a heavy shopping spree, if you want to have a fulfilling meal that is light on your pocket, this is the perfect place to visit in Colaba. The USP of Sahakari Bhandar is that is it affordable for all and has many options to choose from. The must tries here are the South Indian food and Pav Bhaji.

3. Baghdadi


A paradise for non-vegetarians, if you are in Colaba and you are a meat lover, then this place is a must visit. The popular dishes of Baghdadi are the chicken fry masala and the most loved is the butter chicken.

4. Piccadilly


Piccadilly is a must visit for the connoisseurs of Lebanese food, and if you are in Colaba, then you must try it out. The must tries here are the Shawarmas and the specially prepared sandwiches. The location of this place makes it a must visit destination for many food lovers.

5. Cafe Churchill

Cafe Churchill

Another must visit place after a great shopping spree at Colaba is the Café Churchill. This place is owned by a Parsi and the rich culture of theirs makes it a great place to hang out and soak in some of the distinct identity of this cafe. The service is warm and friendly and the must tries here are the Chef’s special dishes. Also, this is a great place for non-vegetarians as they serve many meaty delights.

6. Theobroma


The meaning of Theobroma is the food of the Gods. With such an interesting and a unique name, this place is a must visit if you are in Colaba. The main attraction of this place besides the yummy dishes are the desserts that are just mouthwatering. The pastries and cakes of Theobroma are a must try and every time you visit this place, you can try out a new dessert.

7. Delhi Darbar

delhi darbar

Delhi Darbar is a foodie’s paradise and is a must visit place if you are in Colaba. The specialty of this place is the traditional Mughlai and North Indian food. On top of great food, the ambiance of this place is great along with first class service. The must tries here are the chicken starters, paneer tikka masala and other traditional North Indian dishes.

8. Chikita Cafe

chikita cafe

A great place to visit if you are planning to have a brunch or supper. The must tries of Chikita café are the shawarmas, the burgers and the fries. This is a great place to hang out, especially for the youth of the city.

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