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Must Try Authentic Indian Food When You visit Ahmedabad

Authentic Indian Food Couples One Must Try in Ahmedabad

Indian Cuisine is all about creamy texture, the culmination of herbal spices and oil dripping concoction. It not only stimulates your taste buds but also aids digestion and is a perfect mood booster. We present to you Food Couples that are too much in love to be separated and make you go week in the knees and ask for a second round.

Check out the list of dishes that will make you bid adieu to your crash diet:

Sambhar Dosa:

sambhar dosa
From the far South comes the aromatic recipe of beaten rice bread called Dosa that is crunchier than chips and crisp to taste. Leveraged with butter and potato filling inside when it is combined with Sambhar, a puree made of perfectly blended vegetables and brewed with black mustard seeds. It is a perfect delight for those who don’t feel like eating fried yet are looking for something spicy.
One must try at: Sankalp, Dosa.com, Dakshinayan, Southern India, Vaibhav Restaurant.

Dal Bati Churma:

dal bati churma
Try the fusion of Sweet, Spicy, and Tangy in this awesome threesome. It includes Spicy Dal sauté it with cumin seeds, red chillies and some spices that will make it smoky hot. It is consumed with deep fried Bati that contains a sweet combination of Indian herbs including fennel seeds, cardamom, and almonds. This threesome will simply blow your mind and you will not hesitate to try again.
One must try at: Shiv Shakti, Gordhan Thaal, Ahmadabad 15, Gopi Restaurant.

Chola Bhatura:

chola bhatura
You can take Punjabi’s out of India but not Punjab from India. Chola Bhatura is a signature dish of Punjab and popular in every part of India. When you see oodles of butter on Chola and fried wheat dough bread coming towards you all your weight issues go out of the window. It is a spicy and oily Sunday Breakfast that when consumed with Lassi will make you feel like heaven on Earth.
One must try at: The Vrindavan Restaurant, Standard’s Punjabi Khana, Orange Restaurant.


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Vindaloo and Rogan Josh

vindaloo and rogan josh
When the aroma of Rogan Josh fills your Nostrils it starts a reflex action of watering your mouth and teasing your taste buds to try just one more time before going on diet. It is the speciality of Kashmir and a perfect lunch cuisine for those who love lamb. As the name suggests, it is cooked in oils till it becomes crispy, soft and juicy with the tempering of exotic spices.
One must try at: Philotes, Raisin, Dheemi Aanch, BBQ Nation.

Malai Kofta with Rumali Roti:

malai kofta with rumali roti
From the Kitchen of Raja’s and Maharaja’s of India comes Malai Kofta. It is a popular dish of North India mainly Jodhpur, Udaipur and is considered one of the royal dishes. Made from the Cheese and Tomato Balls, it is a deep fried dish sautéed with tomato puree, cinnamon, cloves and other spices. What makes it extra special is its cream garnishing that adds to its richness. It is accompanied with its better half soft yet filling Rumali Roti or Flat Bread.
One must try at: Sigri, Awedhipuri, Rusty Spoon, Ponchies.

Pav Bhaji:

pav bhaji
The Dish every teenager loves and can’t overlook is Pav Bhaji. Tomato Puree and Boiled Potatoes drenched in Butter and garnished with chopped Onions and Lemons makes it an absolute delight. It’s rich tangy texture and sour taste of lemon makes it favourite of every household. From Chowpatti of Mumbai to the Lounges of Delhi, it is an evening snack that will make you forget the stress and relish this butter dripping snack.
One must try at: Swad Desi, Foodstock Villa, Havmore, Qwiches

Rabri with Jalebi:

rabri with jalebi
Indian Food is incomplete without the sweet and yes 90% Indians have sweet tooth. So we bring to you crunchiness of Jalebi and creaminess of Rabri to make you feel complete. Rabri is made from the continuous boiling of rich, high in fat milk. It becomes thick with layers of extra cream and diluted sugar is added to it with cardamom, saffron, and nuts. What adds to this savoury is Jalebi or Indian Pretzels. The deep fried pretzels are sweetened with caramelized sugar. It is crispy and sweet to taste and when combined with Rabri; this hot N cold delicacy is perfect to serve.
One must try at: Awedhpuri, BBQ Nation, Gordhan Thaal, Kamal Rabri and Sweets.

Dal Makhani with Lachha Parantha:

dal makhani with lachha parantha
Every Daawat is incomplete without our Punjabi Dal Makhani. From the land of 5 rivers comes, heavy and rich Dal made from Black beans that are tempered with onions, cumin seeds, garlic and ginger in white butter. It makes a perfect dish when consumed with Laccha Parantha i.e. is again a heavy wheat dough bread smeared with butter. What makes this dish special is its free use of white butter that makes it rich in nutrients and herbs that make it spicy and hard to forget.
One must try at: Indique Restaurant, Friends N Family Restaurant, Downtown Café & Lounge, Lutf Restaurant.

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