Why You Should Pay Your Restaurant Bill with Voolsy Rather Than Through Cash or Card

Voolsy has been created keeping in mind the end user experience and convenience. So, when you opt for having a dine out at a Voolsy enabled restaurant, there are many benefits awaiting you. Besides the convenience of ordering and customizing food without the intervention of a hotel manager or a waiter, there is one huge advantage that Voolsy offers its users. It is the convenience of making payment through the app itself that is also an attractive feature of Voolsy. Let us see how paying your dining out bills through Voolsy is advantageous for you.

Paying through Voolsy is extremely easy

paying through is extremely easy

If you opt for paying your dining out bills through Voolsy, then you open the doors for a new convenience. You need not to carry cash or cards with you and all the payment details like card number, cvv, etc. are to be entered just once and after that you just have to tap and pay using Voolsy. This is extremely easy and payment in restaurants or cafes can be done in a breeze through Voolsy.

No need to carry any card or cash when you dine

no need card or cash

There is no need for you to carry any cash or card if you are dining out in a Voolsy enabled restaurant. You need to just enter your card details once in the Voolsy app and then payment in restaurants and cafes can be done just by a single tap. No hassles, no worries, just plain convenience.

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Your payment is secure

your payment is secure

There is absolutely no need to worry about security while paying through Voolsy. It offers first class security and encryption methods through which your online transactions become cent percent safe with absolutely no need to worry. Another reason why you should use Voolsy in payment in restaurants and cafes.

No more waiting for payment

no more waiting for payment

Under normal circumstances, if you are paying through the traditional method of calling the waiter, then they present the bill and then you pay and then wait for the change, this takes at least ten to fifteen minutes of your time, which we figure out is totally unnecessary. With Voolsy, you can pay without calling the waiter or manager with a single tap, and your payment is done.

Avail exclusive offers

avail exclusive offers

By using the Voolsy app and paying through Voolsy, you can avail various exclusive offers that we offer from time to time to our customers. Due to this, your dining out experience becomes much more enhanced and you can leave the restaurant or the café with a smile on your face. For example, currently we are offering a flat 10% discount on the bill for all Voolsy user who choose to pay through the app. Another beautiful reason to pay through Voolsy.

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