Voolsy Brings Apple’s iBeacon Technology in Indian Restaurants to Enahance Dining Out Experience

Voolsy brings Apple's iBeacon Technology in Indian restaurants

Designing the Voolsy app was an iterative exercise where our only goal was to give faster and efficient service to diners. We wanted to design an app that could solve all the problems that restaurant goers face currently. And what came to our rescue? Yes, you guessed it right, iBeacons – apple’s bluetooth low energy device.

What sets Voolsy apart from all other apps is that it makes an innovative use of iBeacon technology, that too for the first time in the Indian restaurant industry. Ibeacon, an indoor positioning system is used to detect locations or events or social media check-ins at particular locations. Voolsy developers have used the indoor mapping feature of iBeacon to automatically detect the restaurant tables through Bluetooth.

How does iBeacon Technology Work inside the Restaurants

iBeacons become the perfect interface between the senders and receivers in the form of customers and restaurant managers. Broadly speaking, on a bad day, when you enter any restaurant in peak time, waiters forget where you were sitting and what you have ordered. By using iBeacons, we have totally removed this unpleasant experience.

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iBeacons are placed strategically in the entire restaurant so that every nook and corner of the place is in their range. And each iBeacon  has a unique identity. This is smartly interlinked in the app and then the magic begins. Once you just download Voolsy and activate Bluetooth, you are done!

How Voolsy Takes Advantage of iBeacon to Help Diners

Voolsy knows with which iBeacon you are connected. Then the menu gets automatically loaded in your smart-phone and you can order and pay without any hassles or human intervention. At any moment, if you want assistance, you can contact the restaurant manager.

With the iBeacon technology, we are able to deliver an amazing dining out experience to restaurant goers, which was lacking earlier. This has opened new vistas in the restaurant industry making sure that the future is both bold and exciting.

Enjoy your dining out.


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