Landing At Mumbai Soon

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After a successful run in Ahmedabad and creating a favorable positive impression amongst the restaurant and café goers in the city, Voolsy is in the mode of expansion. Now the plan is to establish its foothold in the economic capital of India, Mumbai. After learning valuable lessons during its launch in Ahmedabad, Voolsy has become attuned to its long term goal of changing the dining out landscape for the better across India, and Mumbai is the next logical step.

We want to give the diehard food lovers of Mumbai a new smooth experience by providing them facilities offered by Voolsy. This will surely take their dining out experience to new satisfactory leve. The residents of the maximum city will appreciate the fact that we are out there to save both their time and energy in their eating out days. And considering the fact that time comes at a premium in this city, it is a chance that people will surely lap up.

As per Amrish Patel, President of Voolsy, ‘The Indian restaurant industry is worth Rs.75,000 crores and is growing at an annual rate of 7%. Most of this growth is coming from highly urbanized areas where we have seen a considerable rise in the disposable income. Such urban areas are also home to a large number of nuclear families and a rising working population, giving an impetus to the eating out culture. Besides this, the rapid urbanization and consumerism coupled with an increased private equity interest has poised the restaurant industry to grow rapidly in such urban areas. Mumbaikar expects a basic minimum standard of service in the restaurants and cafes that Voolsy can easily provide’.

As per Smit Nebhwani, CEO of Voolsy, ‘Indians on an average eat out lesser than 2 times a month, compared to 40 times in Singapore. Even a small increase in this figure provides a huge market opportunity for restaurants in India, especially in large metro cities. This is the reason Voolsy is now venturing into Mumbai’.

Besides the geographic expansion, Voolsy is also poised to broaden its feature base. More features will be added in the app in the coming time and the aim is to make Voolsy a big success in Mumbai.

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