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8 Ahmedabad Restaurants That have a Unique Menu and Unique Dishes

8 Ahmedabad Restaurants That have a Unique Menu and Unique Dishes

Are you looking for new food to spice up your life? If you are bored of all your dining out plans ending up tasting the same, you need to go check out some new hotels in Ahmedabad with a more varied menu and amazing restaurant deals to save more. So let us take a break from the same old North Indian fare or fast food, because those and Chinese or Italian are not the only dining out options available to you. Lots of hotels in Ahmedabad are trying to create new and interesting menus to make your dining out experience unique and exciting!
We have gotten together a list of our favorite hotels in Ahmedabad to satisfy your need to experiment with unique cuisines and interesting eating out experiences.

Fish Curry – La Bella, Bhadra

fish curry la bella bhadra
This is a cute little restaurant that serves authentic Goan cuisine. You can taste the authentic spices and tastes of Goa without leaving your city. The curry has just the right sort of balanced spiciness and the people serving you are personable and friendly. So you can try getting customizations or try all their other Goan dishes with chicken, mutton, prawns etc.

Rainbow Cake – All the Perks Espresso Café, Navrangpura

rainbow cake all the perks espresso cafe navrangpura
The rainbow cake is a one of a kind offering which not only tastes amazing, but is gorgeous to look at. The rich creamy texture and exquisite sweetness are treat enough on their own, but the rainbow cake has more! It’s made with layers and layers of different colored sponge cake and topped with sweet creamy icing. While you are there, also try their perkaccinos, which is their coffee menu, with lots of different flavors and styles.

Thread prawns – Hong Kong, C G Road

thread prawns hong kong cg road
If you love seafood as much as us you must be looking for that perfect seafood restaurant. If you want something unique, you should try thread prawns. Our favorite prawns with noodles wrapped around them and fried. This is a crispier version of batter fried prawns, and the little change makes a world of a difference.



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Macaroons – 7violettes, Navrangpura

macaroons 7 violettes navrangpura
Macaroons are a sweet meringue based French confection made with egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and food coloring. You can buy macaroons in all sorts of vivid colors, all filled with ganache and butter cream sandwiched between the two cookies. A colorful box of macaroons is also always a perfect gift to take with you when you go over for a dinner.

Swizz Fondue – Indigrubs, Sola

swizz fondue indigrubs sola
Fondue is a melted cheese preparation. It is served with snacks that can be dipped in the creamy herby melted cheese. It is a great dish to share with friends and family as it is an interactive and shared meal. You can try either the swizz cheese fondue or the herbed cheese fondue and enjoy the Italian breads, baby potatoes, and olives etc. that go perfectly with the cheesiness.

Vada Pav – Aamchi Bombay, Satellite

vada pav amchi bombay satellite
If you want to experience the amazing tastes of Mumbai street food without leaving Ahmedabad, the head over here and have an authentic version of vada pav, with buttery pavs and perfect spiced potatoes.

Natural Ice Creams – THANCO’s Natural Ice Cream Café and Lounge, Vastrapur

natural ice creams thancos natural ice cream cafe and lounge vastrapur
We all scream for ice cream, often till we are hoarse. So, even with the calories and sinfulness, no one can resist ice cream. THANCO’s is doing us a solid favor by getting us a healthier version of ice cream. The ice cream they serve is a 100% Natural with no preservatives or artificial coloring, no essence and no pumped in air, all the while still managing to keep the ice cream vegetarian. You can try all their natural fruit flavors, like, fig and honey, white chocolate, alphonzo mango, tender coconut etc. But if you want a truly unique experience, try their green mirchi, ginger or paan flavors. They are surprisingly yummy and your taste buds will truly be surprised.

Cheese Masala Maggie – Maggievala, Navrangpura

cheese masala maggie maggievala navrangpura
Maggievala does unique dishes with everyone’s favorite easy cook food. We love their cheesy version of Maggie, which we wish we could learn how to replicate at home. It is really the twist the taste of Maggie was looking for.

Which are your favorite unique dishes to try in hotels in Ahmedabad? Comment and let us know if you try anything from this list!

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