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Yummy Desserts to Try in Mumbai

Mumbaikars! This Oh So Yummy Desserts Calling You to Try

Baskin some sweet calories and get high on your endorphin levels..
Get that instant boost of energy and get high on mood with these sweet delicacies. Some of the must-visit places for all the dessert lovers out there.Head to this dessertitious places and get your dose of Sugar.

Baskin Robbins

baskin robbins mumbai

A scoop of ice cream is what you want in this scorching heat.One of the most talked about -Baskin Robbins has maintained the essence of a natural ice cream without adultering with preservatives.It delivers the perfect smooth texture and buttercream body along with some bright flavors that will just melt your taste buds.

Scoop in Some of these flavors:

  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream
  • Splish Splash Ice Cream
  • Three Cheers Chocolate Ice Cream

99 Pancakes

99 pancakes mumbai

This place is a bliss when it comes to mini pancakes.Get over your second thoughts and drop in to try some freshly grilled, warm and fluffy pancakes.Top it up with your choice of toppings and there you go..finish it up before somebody gets their hands on it.Also get a chance to prepare your own Holland Pancakes at this small and cozy little place.

Savoring Mini Pancakes:

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Indulge in Chocolate
  • Berry Blast Snowflake

Brain Freeze

brain freeze mumbai

Get Summer Ready with this brain freezing place that has a Variety of Ice Cream Desserts, Waffles & Frappes to offer. Give a try to their concept-’Buzz My Bar’ where you need to select a flavour of ice cream, dip & toppings and get your bar ready.


  • Genius Ganache
  • Dutch Discovery
  • Shakes

The Waffle Factory

the waffle factory mumbai

Grab the chance to make your own waffle at this waffle station in Mumbai.Binge on its scrumptious flavorsome waffles and treat yourself with some of its heart melting flavors . This small joint has a light soft music & varieties of waffles & shakes

Best Pick:

  • Hazelnut Overload Waffle
  • Dark Chocolate Overloaded Waffle
  • Ying Yang Waffle

Flavour Stones

flavour stones mumbai

All set to break your traditional idea of ice-cream with their Live Cold-Stove Labs -A place that prepares live ice-creams that are absolutely natural and not a factory made. Just dig into their Menu as they have something for every state of mood!

Pick your Favourite:

  • Gemy Oreo
  • Cheese Pineapple
  • Mango Maska Ice Cream

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