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10 Places in Bangalore That Offer Unique Desserts

10 Places in Bangalore That Offer Unique Desserts

If you’re anything like us, a day spent without dessert, is a day wasted. We are sure if our hips could handle it, we would be dining out all the time and having desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Us folks with the sweet tooth are forever cursed to be searching out for the next amazing dessert that could become our new comfort food.
So we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Bangalore to sample the most unique desserts with amazing restaurant specials deals to save more. We shall try and cover all your favorite dessert options and also hopefully introduce you to new ones. So, go ahead and try out our favorites.

BelgYum, Whitefield

belgyum whitefield for waffles with creamWarm waffles with maple syrup are the best cure for that sweet tooth craving. This place is known for its amazing waffle menu and we strongly recommend their plain waffles with cream and strawberry sauce offering that perfectly balanced sweetness. You can also try their ‘do it yourself’ option and get your choice of toppings from sauces ice creams and fruits for your waffles. We wish we had more space in our stomachs, so we could try all their options in one go.

Coffee on Canvas, Koramangala

coffee on canvas koramangala for sizzling brownieEven though some of the coffees on their extensive coffee menu can be labeled as yummy desserts themselves, we still went ahead and tried their brownies. And lord, were they one right. Try their sizzling brownie for that classic chocolaty sizzle with the respite of the cool vanilla ice cream following close behind. The ambience of this place is really nice too, with good music, books and board games that you can play with your friends, making it a top hang out spot.

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A Lot Like Crepes, Koramangala

a lot like crepes koramangala for crepesThis place offers all kinds of crepes and you will not tire of the choices. The super nice chef here will make you crepes to order, with the fillings you want. The classics like Nutella and peanut butter are done amazingly well. We suggest the apple cinnamon crepes for that warm fuzzy feeling. Also try their fruit crepes with kiwi, strawberry, mango and other seasonal fruits.

Corner house ice cream, Indiranagar

corner house ice cream indiranagar for sundaeIf you have a hankering for a sinfully amazing sundae, go over to Corner house and sample their amazing varieties. Their fruit jackpot has all the fruits you could possibly want. We also recommend the super scooper and their amazing hot chocolate fudge.

Paris Delices Café,Koramangala

paris delices cafe koramangala for chocolate croissantsTry their chocolate croissants, waffles crepes and more. Their bakery really is out of the world and it’s a quiet, chilled out place for people who like to actually manage to have a complete conversation while dining out.

Cuppa Bistro, Koramangala

cuppa bistro koramangala for blueberry and choco chip muffinsAnother amazing bistro in the beautiful city of Bangalore, this one offers a world of pasteries and muffins. Try their superb pastries and don’t forget to give their muffins a shot. We suggest you try the blueberry and choco chip muffins, which are incredibly delicious.

Stoner, Koramangala

stoner koramangala for choco lavaIf you’re looking to try something completely unique, try the thanda paan ice cream here. It’s basically paan supari and pan leaves in ice cream and yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. Try their choco lava ice cream, which is a choco lava cake on top of the ice cream, for gooey perfection. Want more chocolate? They actually have a dish called chocolate overload!

Natural ice cream, Koramangala

natural ice cream koramangalaSometimes when dining out you want the stripped down natural flavors instead of regular ice cream and for those moments, there is Natural ice cream. They have natural and truly unique fruit flavors that will blow you away. Try the muskmelon, kala jamun, fig, jack fruit, sita phal, black grapes and other authentic, true to nature flavors.

Berry’d alive,  Indiranagar

berryd alive indiranagar for blueberry almond crisp vanillaIf you want to go try desserts that you have possibly never heard of, this is one of the best restaurants, which has one of the most varied dessert menus we have ever seen, leaving you spoilt for choice. We recommend the chocolate ganache dome and the blue berry, vanilla and almond crumble. Also try their brandy snap rolls filled with coffee butter cream mousse and walnuts, their spicy banana sundae, hazelnut cream pot and their passion fruit and white chocolate truffle. I’m sure your car keys have magically appeared in your hands by now!

Glenn’s Bakehouse, Indiranagar

glenns bakehouse indiranagar for strawberry macaroonsTry their chocolate, caramel and blueberry flavored mini tarts and chocolate and strawberry macaroons which come in the cutest pastel colored boxes. We also couldn’t recommend their red velvet cake enough.

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