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Best Juices and Shakes Places in Bangalore | 7 Places to Try

7 Places in Bangalore You Need to Wishlist for Their Juices and Shakes

Drink smart, live well and treat yourself at these places in Bangalore that serve some of the best Juices and Shakes one can ask for. To all those Juice, Shakes and Smoothie lovers at Bangalore, this blog might just land you to a place you are looking for to have your cravings pleased.

1) Juicemaker


juicemaker avocado juice

Juicemaker is a cosy little juice bar that serves simple and healthy food and beverages. The juices here are quite amazing in terms of their taste and their freshness. This juice bar is well-known in Bangalore for having a warm and welcoming ambiance, and quick service.

Recommended Items :

  • Avocado Juice
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Oreo Shake
  • Mixed Dry Fruit Shake

2) The Chocolate Room


chocolate room waffle shake

The Chocolate Room is well known for chocolate desserts and beverages. A distinctly recognizable cafe-cum-bakery, they are a versatile spot for casual hangouts or long or hasty informal business meetings. They have beautiful sit-down space with trendy interiors and plenty of options to enjoy right form sizzling hot or chilled beverages to sweet or savory snacks. They have it all to set your mood right and send your taste buds on a joyride of flavours.

Recommended Items:

  • Freaky Waffle Shake
  • Kit Kat Shake
  • Oreo Cookie Shake
  • Black Forest Shake



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3) Thick Shake Factory


thick shake factory

As the name suggests, this place serves the best of delectable desserts and shakes that are to die for With a theme of white and orange interior this is the perfect place for a casual hangout. The Thickshake Factory is the place that will satisfy any sweet tooth

Recommended Items :

  • Pineapple Passion Thickshake
  • Oreo Karamel Thickshake
  • Crunchy Chocolate  Thickshake

4) Cloud Cafe


cloud cafe virgin sangria

Situated in the buzzing street of Nagarbhavi, the Ambience here is awesome with a wooden based interior and wall decorated with beautiful varieties of Hookahs and Shakes. They have private cubicles that render private space to a group of friends.

Recommended Items:

  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Virgin Sangria
  • Pista Milkshake
  • Kitkat Milkshake

5) Lassi shop


lassi shop

With a wide variety of refreshing juices, mocktails, shakes, smoothies, and of course lassis its one of the best refreshing station that will render you with the perfect cooling effect this summer. It doesn’t add any artificial colors, hence maintaining the essence of it.

Recommended Items:

  • Dry Fruit Shake
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Custard Apple Shake
  • Bourbon Shake

6) Roll Over


roll over bangalore shakes

The magic of ice-cream is rolled up right in front of your eyes by reshaping the cup of ice-cream and your choice of flavor into rolls. Their menu is unbelievably large rendering you with a wide variety to choose from.An exquisite place to try out ice-cream in a new Avatar!

Recommended Items:

  • Caramel Banana Shake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Shake
  • Gulkhand Magic Shake
  • Mango Coconut Shake

7) Lassi Lounge


lassi lounge

One stop station for all the lassi lovers.Head to this place with your bunch of people and relish this fresh and energizing yogurt based drink from the Indian Subcontinent.This place promises neat, healthy and relaxed dining experience at your next door…So dine in and enjoy the deliciousness.

Recommended Items:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Shake
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Shake
  • Dates Milk Shake
  • Fruit Salad with Ice-Cream

Give these places a try and amaze yourself to their taste. Do it with Voolsy to make your dining out even better.

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