For All the Health Freaks out There, These 4 Places in Bangalore Serves the Best Healthy Food

These 4 places in Bangalore rendering some healthy dishes that tastes like dream, will sort that out.
While your likes for tasty pasta and cheesy pizzas might not end, you can definitely add nourishing and delicious salads to that list. Bask on your daily dose of nutrients and don’t let go of the taste as well.

1) Fab Cafe ,Rajeshwarinagar

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Well Junk food is not healthy. Taking this point to note, this cafe delivers you with
the best mixture of taste and health, within its amazing interior that is surrounded with plants
all around ,giving the perfect feel of healthy environment.Enjoy its healthy food to the best and grab your daily doses of vitamins and minerals.

Must Try

  • Caesar Salad
  • Dry Fruit Shake

2) Juicemaker

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A cozy little juice bar that serves nourishing and nutritious food and beverages. 
The juices here are quite amazing in terms of their taste and their freshness. 
Well known for its welcoming ambience and quick service, this place will solely help you detox your system.

Give it a Shot

  • Cool Senser
  • Evening Light
  • Indian Sprout Mix
  • Pulpy watermelon juice

3) Drunken Monkey

fruit shakes and smoothies drunken monkey

Delivers the best blended fresh fruit smoothies and shakes that totally rejuvenate
your body and detoxify your system. They have a wide variety of shakes/smoothies with exotic flavors .
Head to this place that has got interesting decor with snug sitting arrangements and turn your fun filled gathering into a healthy one.


  • Full Throttle
  • Fruit Shakes and Smoothies
  • Avacado Shake

4) Cafe Poetry

banana pina smoothie cafe poetry

With a quiet and calming ambience, this is an apt spot to while away some leisurely hours in the company of friends. 
This joint presents a wide range of healthy grubs and beverages that may indulge your taste buds as well as give away some 
health benefits that your body craves for.

Don’t miss to try these-

  • Cafe Special Breakfast
  • Fruit Shakes -Strawberry Banana,Grapes.

Don’t forget to Do Voolsy at these healthy Food joints and avail all the benefits that it has to offer.

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