7 Mouthwatering Parathas That Define the Uniqueness of Ahmedabad’s Restaurants

I’m sure everyone is familiar with North India’s favorite breakfast obsession. The traditional parathas use ghee and any vegetable, like cauliflower, potato, onions etc. There are various spins on the dish that you can try now though, and we are here to share our favorite unique parathas that Ahmedabad has to offer.
Served with curd, butter or pickles, our favorite parathas are mom’s, but the unique restaurants of Ahmedabad have a wide variety of parathas that you can try out for refreshingly new versions of the same old delicious taste. Here is a list of parathas that you can try when you have a hankering for our favorite breakfast option.

1. Chicken cheese Paratha – Swad Desi, Vastrapur

non veg restaurant

chicken cheese paratha at swad desi vastrapur
A non vegetarian version of the traditional paratha, we can’t help but love the chicken paratha this place has to offer. Perfectly cheesy, fried and stuffed with chicken, they somehow manage to keep the paratha from being too heavy, which makes this one of our favorite parathas. All the non veg lovers out there simply can’t afford to give it a miss!

2. Makai lasan cheese da Paratha – Jassi De Parathe, Vastrapur

veg restaurant

makai lasan cheese da paratha at jassi de parathe vastrapur
For an authentic yet unique Punjabi taste, try the makai de parathe at Jassi de parathe. They have a wide variety of parathas for you to sample. Served the traditional way with white butter, sliced onions and curd, all their parathas are mouth wateringly delicious. They also have unique stuffings like rajama cheese for you to try. You can also get authentic tasting lassi here in tall glasses, making it a truly authentic experience.

3. Garlic mashed potato wrap – Kaffee mast hai, chandkheda

veg restaurant

garlic mashed potato wrap at kaffee mast hai chandkheda
This dish is on the list even though it is not technically a paratha because it’s a unique version of Punjab’s favorite traditional paratha. Potatoes and garlic are the most common paratha stuffing, and this dish combines them with a pita bread wrap, to make this a continental version of the traditional Aloo Ka Paratha.

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4. Aloo cheese paratha – Punjab paratha point, Navrangpura

veg restaurant

aloo cheese paratha at punjab paratha point navrangpura
This place offers a wide variety of parathas with a host of different stuffings to choose from. Our favorite is the aloo cheese, which is stuffed with delicious gooey mashed potato and cheese mix. Try all their vegetarian paratha options, served with curd and a big dollop of butter, making it a gooey yummy mess. They even have Jain options for people with selective diets.

5. Mix Paratha – Philotes, Bodakdev

veg restaurant

mix paratha at philotes bodakdev
Philotes is one of our favorite places to go dining out and you can try their delicious crispy parathas with a variety of different stuffings. We recommend one with everything; try the mix paratha, which has the perfect mixture of veggies and herbs, making this a delicious addition to this list.

6. Churi paratha – Stuff’s food, Naranpura

veg restaurant

churi paratha at stuffs food naranpura
Churi paratha is a traditional paratha made with ground green gram and filled with radish and potato based stuffing. The taste is authentic and should be enjoyed with a tall glass of lassi. Stuff’s food also does great kulchas with delicious stuffings that should also not be given a miss.

7. Special Royal Junglee Paratha – Royal Punjab Paratha

veg restaurant

special royal junglee paratha at royal punjab paratha cg road
This place has the biggest parathas on this list. Finishing one can be quite a task with the generous helpings of butter and curd they offer. The parathas are perfectly fried and crisp and come in a wide variety of stuffings. Be sure to try out all their special options that are just a perfect mixture of ingredients. While you are there be sure to try out their delicious mango lassi!

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