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Planning for Tomorrow’s Customers Now | Voolsy Blog

Planning for Tomorrow’s Customers Now

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever before. We’re all trying to stay ahead of our competitors and gain that ever elusive edge over the rest that will bring our business to the fore-front.

Are you in the food industry and looking for that edge?

Let’s look at the plan you should be making to capture the tech-savvy market of tomorrow.

Business technology

business technology in restaurantBusiness technology refers to a wide range of hardware, software, and services that keep companies running and enhance operations. In today’s technology driven world we need to stay ahead of the game and see how technology can be adopted in every field from accounting to customer communications to product design and development.

How does this translate in the food industry?

how voolsy translate the food industryTomorrow’s dining out customer is tech-savvy and used to the convenience that his Smartphone provides. We are all used to booking tickets and paying our bills online. The online food ordering and delivery industry has adopted the technology well already and reaping the benefits.
There are already some options out there which can make your business tech savvy and ready to take on tomorrow.

Restaurant food ordering and payment app Voolsy

restaurant-food ordering and payment app voolsyVoolsy is an app that makes the dining out process simple and hassle-free for the customer as well as the business. The app is aimed at tomorrow’s customers that are looking for quick and customer friendly service.

Easy marketing

easy marketing for restaurantThe app helps local restaurants get to their niche audience by putting out promotions on the app. You can reach out to the customer with discounts and offers to help increase your business.  The restaurant ratings given by happy customers also bring in more people.

Flexible menus

digital menus for restaurantThe app makes the physical menu redundant. The app lists the restaurant menu and pictures of the dishes. We all know how hard it is to not order that pizza after we have seen a photo with glistening stringy cheese. It also helps if your local bistro has a flexible menu. You can easily add and remove dishes offered. No more need to print out new menus when you change your chef.

Improve your customer service

improve restaurant customer serviceThe app doesn’t make customer service redundant. The human touch will never go out of style and a good wait staff is irreplaceable. What Voolsy does is make your staff’s job a lot easier. The ordering and bill payment is done on the app itself. Your employees will have less to worry about and more time to spend on customer service.

Customer friendly

customer friendly restaurantIf a local restaurant gets customers that face the language barrier, Voolsy helps by removing it. Multi-language restaurant menu options give the customer all the information they need on the dish before they order it.
Since everything is digital, the ordering and payment process is quick and painless for the customer. The app also lets customers share pictures and restaurant ratings on the app and on social media sites, giving your local bistro additional marketing.
The feedback given in these reviews are a great way to improve your services and find out how good the customer’s experience really was.

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