Secrets of a Successful Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager’s job has changed in many ways over time. Today’s restaurant manager requires an amalgamation of skills in staff management, inventory management, customer service etc. There also is the need to stay ahead of the market and to grab an edge over their counterparts in every way possible ensuring the restaurant’s success.

In today’s tech-savvy world, the restaurant manager also needs to find a way to incorporate technologies of tomorrow in his/her plans for tomorrow.

Here are some secrets that you can use to better run your fine dining restaurant or local bistro, maximizing your profits and optimally utilizing resources.

Winning image

winning imageThe world is attracted to winners. Everyone wants to eat at the best fine dining restaurant in their price range. You have to portray the image of a restaurant that’s at the top of their game. Increase the visibility of your fine dining restaurant or local bistro, by planning promotional activities, provide online ordering from restaurant website and giving attractive discounts.

You can also increase visibility with the help of online food ordering applications. You can have a trendy appetizing restaurant menu. Apps like Voolsy let you have a digital restaurant menu with enticing pictures and well-listed offers and promotions.

Keep your quality high

keep your quality highWe all have heard the “quality not quantity” advice. Ensure that the presentation and standard of your offered wares are as high quality as it can be. This will ensure repeat customers and good restaurant ratings.

website online ordering system

Be innovative

be innovativeThe best restaurant managers keep ahead of their peers. They have their present running smoothly and the future planned for. Marketing campaigns, staffing needs and restaurant menu changes are all handled before time, to ensure there is no chaos. The smart restaurant manager will make sure to use the best new technologies like the app, Voolsy, to make sure that they stay ahead of restaurant automation technology race.

Customer first

customer firstThe best restaurant managers all know that the customer is a god.  You have to be aware of the expectations of your customers and be ready to more than fulfill them. They know how to cater to their niche customer base and are open to suggestions and new ideas that make the guests visit happy and hassle free.

They know to always say yes to their customer and make sure they keep their regulars happy and well incentivized. Remember, the happiest customers also give the highest restaurant ratings.


communicationEffective communication is key in the hectic restaurant industry. Regular staff meetings, a message board and flyers all make sure your staff is abreast of new changes and is on board with new decisions and policy changes, whether you’re managing a high-end restaurant or a local bistro.

Communication with customers is also important. Keeping a messaging or email list of your customers to send them promotions is one way. Another is to be part of an app, like Voolsy, that will list all your promotions and help you get to your target base.


multi taskingA good restaurant manager knows that he’s needed everywhere. He has a trusted staff that he can delegate duties to, but also is hands on with his managing. The manager is the face of the restaurant, so, he should make sure he interacts with 50% of all customers, at least asking if their visit was satisfactory.

So, even if they were unhappy with something, you can offer a discount on their next visit, or offer some other form of remuneration that makes it likely that they return and give good restaurant ratings. Make sure you never get stuck in one job for too long, and keep moving from the kitchen to the customers to the bar. Everything that makes your job easier, like new restaurant automation apps, will ensure that you’re a better manager.

What are other ways to be better at managing a restaurant? Are you the best restaurant manager you know?  Share tips and tricks with us in your comments and let us know if you want to try any of these techniques in your job!

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