Now Checkout The Nearest Voolsy Enabled Restaurants in a Tap!

find nearest voolsy enabled restaurants
With the Voolsy Skill, you can now discover restaurants to dine out through its Location Based Approach.

This feature of the App lets the user find places nearby, by detecting their real-time Location, which will only add to their convenience and save their time.

The feature will suggest the user from swanky upscale restaurants to those coziest hidden outlets that are Voolsy partnered in that particular Location.

How to Find Voolsy Partnered Outlets Near You?

  • Download Voolsy App
  • Tap on the Search Button

search button

  • Select the Location Tab that will allow the app to detect your Location and suggest you all the Voolsy Partnered Restaurants in that Particular Area.

select the location tab

  • Also User can scroll down on the Home Page to Find ‘Nearby’ Section which will ultimately work as the user guide to find restaurants near them.
  • Not only it helps to find nearby places using current location, but also filters restaurants within a specific area that user selects. Tap on the area you want to search restaurants within and it will suggest you the best Voolsy enabled places of that Area.

find nearby places

How is It Beneficiary?

This feature really is bliss for the people who are traveling or those who are in haste.

It saves user’s time by suggesting them restaurant on the basis of their Current location or preselected location and filter it as per their preferences for Cuisines and Budget.

Try this Feature of VOOLSY App that will not only save your time but will render convenience by establishing User-Friendly Support.

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