Havmor – The Eatery, Ahmedabad is now Voolsy enabled!

Havmor, as the chain of restaurants and ice cream parlours has always been enterprising in introducing new dishes, be it redesigning the restaurant chains, introducing new ice creams or modernizing the menus with an edition of exotic dishes at – The Eatery.

Havmor strives to live up to their customers’ expectations, right from the perfect blend of spices in their trademark dish, fondly known by its fans as ‘Chole Puri’, to the ultimate variants & flavours of ice creams for all the sweet tooths out there.

Havmor – The Eatery is like people’s favourite eating out place. That’s why it always seems crowded even in weekdays! But Voolsy has brought a good news for you!

Havmor – The Eatery, Ahmedabad is now Voolsy enabled!

Now skipping the wait to place an order is just a tap away. Below locations are Voolsy enabled.

-Municipal Market
-Relief Road
-Wide Angle

What should you try at Voolsy enabled Havmor – The Eatery branches?

  • Eatery special Combo [Chana Puri + Cheese Jalapeno Tippi + Masala Lemonade]
  • Meal Combo [Cheese and Herb Rice (preferred with Mexican Gravy)+ Falafal Wrapchic + Ice-cream Scoop]
  • Yummy Toasties, Pav-Bhaji, all-time favourite Chana – Puri & Exotic sundaes

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