Ahmedabad! Voolsy Lets You Skip the Line to Get the Popcorn in Your Favourite Cinemas!

To get the popcorn in movie halls is always the ‘Pinch Point! For every wide-eyed moviegoer who is glued to a seat, wants to munch on popcorn or any other snack.

When any of us watch the movie, the two things we ask “How much does the popcorn cost here & is there a long queue?”

Well, Voolsy has got your dilemma fixed! It has come up with the seamless solution that allows the users to order and pay for the meal inside the cinema hassle free.

Yes, you read it right, now you don’t need to queue yourself to have your popcorn. You can grab it with Voolsy in our partnered cinemas.

How to use Voolsy in Cinema

  • Tap on the green bluetooth icon in the bottom centre of the Home screen

tap on green bluetooth icon

  • Tap on ‘Cinema’ icon

tap on cinema

  • Select the cinema you are seated

select the cinema

  • Fill up the exact details of your Screen, Row & Seat Number

fill up the exact details

  • Browse the menu, add items and tap on ‘Place Order’

select meal from menu

  • Select your preferred time, when you want your meal to be arrived

select your preferred time

  • Proceed to pay using your convenient payment option

pay online

  • Get it at your seat and enjoy a movie without missing any scene

Why you should use Voolsy in our partnered cinemas?

  • No more waiting for your turn in the long queues
  • Saves your time and renders you convenience
  • You can watch the menu and the pricing at your seat so no more standing at cash counter for the menu
  • Flexibility to order anytime during the movie
  • No juggling with cash or card

Our partnered cinemas

voolsy partnered cinemas

If you are at any Voolsy partnered cinema to watch your favourite movie, don’t miss out to use Voolsy. It is definitely going to add enjoyment to your movie watching experience!