7 Types of Foodies Found in Every Restaurant

Eating out is a phenomenal experience and we are all guilty as charged. While some people need a platter with variety, others stick to one dish throughout their meal and there are some who are strict with the selfie ritual before they eat. Let us explore 7 types of foodies we all come across while dining out –

1. Food Snob

food snob
“No five star known how to cook”, “Take the food back, it’s not the right temperature” and “you don’t know how to spell Ratatouille in your menu, how will you even cook it”. The Food Snob is all about such statements. They are snobbish to the extent that if a restaurant has skipped even the slightest of the ingredients, they have to run for their lives. Most of the food snobs barely know how to cook but they can’t keep their mouth shut about what they are served.

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2. I-know-it-all foodie

I know it all foodie
This foodie clearly knows it all. They are the encyclopedia of food. You can trust them with having genuine reviews about the food but they blabber a lot. If you go out with this sort of foodie friend, whatever you will order, you will be dictated about it. They will make it hard for you to settle on one thing to eat. But on the other note, you can enjoy your sandwiches while hearing their tale about which corner of Italy they had their first baguette sandwich or such.

3. The cribber

the cribber
The cribber foodie will always crib. No one can really make him happy. He will regret about his meal decisions. Even more, he will complain about the amount of salt or sugar in a meal. You sit with them and they will keep gazing on your meal making you feel obnoxious. Nothing can hide from their prying eyes. They will manage to find faults, one or two, about any good meal. Heaven knows what will satisfy their taste buds!

4. Foodie Socialite

foodie socialite
We all have that one friend who will always start the meal late. Why? He will be busy clicking pictures of that meal from every angle for Instagram. He might sometimes climb the table to capture the perfect angle. And that’s not all. As soon as they take their first bite, they will get glued to their beloved phone to let the world know what they are eating. Real socialite foodies they are!

5. The Daredevil foodie

the daredevil foodie
The daredevil foodie won’t like plain things. He will always be up to some food challenge or trying out some restaurant specials deals & dish or bizarre food. He will be Andrew Zimmern of the Bizzare Foods. You can always hear his stories of trying unusual things, taking up hot chili challenges or prepping odd food at home. His comfort food might be the weirdest meal you have probably never heard about in your life.

6. Organivores

Organivore needs no introduction. They are widespread, in every corner of the globe. You can always find them ranting about chemically treated food. They despise everything that is not organic. If a restaurant does not serve organic, it will be given zero hits. They want to ensure whatever is served is made from organic produce. Such is their obsession that they will force you into eating only organic or starve.

7. Fitbit Obsessed

fitbit obsessed
So the calorie and health conscious foodies have found their new resort – Fitbit. What do these foodies do? They will have their Fitbit on wherever they go. They will check every meal they eat for calories and other things. They probably will eat up a restaurant manager’s brain for not mentioning calories in the menu.

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