Rewinding 2017 — Top 6 Vool Facts from Voolsy

If we talk about 2017, it has been a thrilling year for Voolsy. We really feel very proud and would like to say thanks to all our lovely users and supportive merchants who are in awe with the concept of Voolsy.

Right now, we are 5 lakh+ Voolsy users and 1500+ Voolsy partnered restaurants! In December, Voolsy got its seat in ‘Top 20 Most Popular Food & Drinks App’ in Google Playstore.

We want to show you most eye catchy things happened so far at Voolsy.

One of our user used Voolsy in 50+ outlets
If you call yourself a foodie, you need to set a benchmark! That is what our user has done. One of our users has taken it to the next level by trying Voolsy app more than 50+ outlets in the city. It means he has explored new Voolsy enabled outlets every week! He must be a travel food blogger, we guess! 😉

Highest bill paid using Voolsy
Eating out is simple; paying for it is a tricky game 😉 When it comes to die-hard Voolsy fans, we think that eating out extravaganza has also taken on a new level. Can you imagine one person can eat whopping Rs. 28,203 food? Yes, this is what happened when you do Voolsy in our partnered outlets J

Some of our users did 1000+ referrals in a year!
For 2 year old startup getting a user who keeps referring your app to others is a positive sign! Believe it or not, but some of our users did 1000+ referral. It means a person does 3+ referral in day! This user must owe us lot of Voolsy Credits 😉

Paytm is our user’s all-time favourite payment methods!
We think our users truly believe in #paytmkaro! We have noticed that maximum bill payment done through Voolsy in 2017 via Paytm. A true tech geek doesn’t miss to explore things that are new, yet when it comes to bill restaurant payment, Voolsy users stick to Paytm!

20,000 saved orders!
People don’t like wasting time, and as Voolsy is a food ordering and payment app; and our users helped us prove it! We have a functionality named ‘Prepare Order’ that lets you decide your order in advance before reaching our partnered outlet. We have seen 20,000 users use this functionality to save their time of deciding what to eat which generally take at least a minute. It means, we have saved atleast min. 20,000 minutes of our valuable users!

Introduced #VoolsyContest
We never miss to let our user engage with Voolsy. #VoolsyContest is one of the reasons amongst them. We have launched the quiz in which they can win the preset deals by playing the contest. Within a few months of the launch, we have noted more than 1 lakh participants in the contest. We are now sure that people love to be challenged and it makes them happy, if they get a prize for it!

This is 2017 for us! It was amazing feeling to share few interesting facts with you and we promise to create more ‘awesome facts’ in 2018, so that you can feel proud to be associated with us

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