Bid Adieu to Paper Menus – Go Digital

Paper menu is so passé. If you are looking for the next level experience, digital is the answer. The e-Menu is the new ‘it’ thing. Having all the information at your fingertips is really intimidating. Think about it!

All leading restaurants are favoring digital menu over the paper menu for sheer advantage and versatility that is impossible to get with traditional paper menus. With the need to go digital, plenty of apps have entered the market. Voolsy is the new kid in the town with its elaborated e-Menu and plethora of impressive features. Let us dig in how the digital menu has an edge over paper menu –

1. Flexible menu:

flexible menuJust a couple of clicks are all that you need to update your digital menu. No need to print out bulk copies or go through all those chores. You can modify your menu as per your business requirement then and there. It will save you time and money.

2. Environment-friendly:

environment friendly menuHaving a digital menu means you don’t need to depend on trees for paper menus. This way you are protecting the environment and doing your bit can add up to  a big change in the world.

3. Electronic call waiter:

electronic call waiterThe waiters will be at your beck and call with just one tap on the digital menu. We all know the trouble we go through on weekends when most of our time is consumed on waiting for the waiter or calling for their attention. This will be now a thing of the past.

4. Multi-language support:

multi language supportMany digital menu software and apps support multiple languages. This is especially helpful when you have customers of various ethnicities coming to your restaurant. You can switch the menu for them or ask them to, in a matter of seconds.

5. Faster orders:

faster ordersHaving a digital menu facilitates placing a faster order. The customers can select the food items of their choice and directly place the order from their tables. This will save their time and your manpower. Just a tap on the button is all that is needed for refills or adding to the previously placed orders. It can never be this fast with a traditional paper menu.

6. Digital share:

digital shareWe all know the power of social media. In the current days of Instagram and Snapchat, we love to flaunt with our meals pictures. What is better than providing your customers with the access to social media for easy sharing with their friends and relatives?
This way, your restaurant will receive the instant love and promotion on social media and that is in every way, empowering to your business.

7. Appealing to the customers:

appealing to the customersJust think about it. The look and feel of the digital menu are unmatched with that of the paper menu. It will be such a delight to the customers to make them acquainted with a new aged menu. The will most definitely enjoy the freedom that digital menu gives, the ease of access, scrolling through different menu options and awesome interface.

8. Hassle-free and ever-ready:

hassle free and ever readyThere is no need for your waiters to carry multiple copies of paper menus to each table, no need to juggle with multiple orders and the heavy crowd on the weekend, a digital menu will save you all the hassle with being right on your table. Customers can place the order when they want or right away saving time and trouble.

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