Why Voolsy is a Must in a Café or Lounge

why voolsy is a must in a café or lounge

In the recent years, there is a sea change in the basic concept of hospitality in the hospitality industry, especially due to the explosion of the smart phone technology and the advent of the internet in the hands of the people. Due to this, the benchmark for top notch service in the hospitality industry has increased by leaps and now it is expected that the operations are of top class standard.

Keeping this in mind, we launched a premium mobile app called Voolsy that can benefit the user experience of restaurant, café or lounge goers. By the introduction of our app in the hospitality industry, we have raised the bar for the service expected by the general public in restaurants and refined their dining out experience.

The focus of this blog however is on why Voolsy is must in a café or a lounge, keeping the point of view of café and lounge owners in contention. Besides improving the service, there are many other factors café or lounge owners should consider for the case of deploying our app in their premises.

First comes the ambiance of the café or lounge. Our app enhances the comforting ambiance of your café or lounge and make it more inviting and comfortable for the visitors. This happens because there is no need for the customers to leave their table and order midway and ordering can be done from their place itself. This enables a quality experience for the customers and they can enjoy their long conversations and can fully relax.

It is most often observed that the kind of audience that the cafés and lounges attract are millennials, young and trendy audience who is ready to spend money for getting a first rate relaxing experience at your café or lounge. It is this particular segment of audience that you as café or lounge owners have to target and this becomes possible by making your place Voolsy enabled.

It is also seen young people, mostly millennials, are more tech savvy and are ready to adopt new technology and prefer to use it rather than the traditional systems. If we take the example of Elysium, one of Voolsy enabled cafes, we can see clearly how millennials and young people prefer new technology than others. Here is the data from Elysium- a café in Ahmedabad that shows the age group of customers who have used Voolsy in that particular café.

Customer age group
who are using Voolsy
of customers
15-18 14
19-22 142
23-26 148
27-30 133
31-34 111
35-37 15
38-42 12
43-48 12

This data clearly indicates the overwhelming response that youngsters are giving to Voolsy. It is therefore apparent from the above data that youngsters are more tech savvy and would like to incorporate technology in their dining out experience and are more receptive to such kind of improvements.

In addition, our analytics data has indicated that Voolsy has a 65% retention rate in Elysium cafe, giving an insight for the cafe owners to attract more loyal customer, who visit their cafe again and again.

Another important way how our app can enhance the ambiance of your café or lounge is by giving complete privacy to your customers by not letting the waiters or manager interfere in the time they time spend in your café or lounge. There is no need for them to take order from the customers or for bill payment. This enriches their experience at your café.

Due to our app, customers in café or lounge are able to have a relaxing attitude, a light mood, long conversations and inclination to explore new things. All this becomes possible by the ease that Voolsy offers them to enhance their dining out experience.

So, it is important that as a café or lounge owner, you recognize the importance of Voolsy and make your place Voolsy enabled to give your targeted audience an enhanced and enriched experience at your place.

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