Top 7 Italian Dishes You Must Try in Ahmedabad

Do you love Italian food? Does your mouth start to water when anyone talks about pizzas, pastas, and lasagna? Do you stay in Ahmadabad? We have just the list you were looking for. We have a list of lip smacking delicacies of the Italian persuasion, available in hotels in Ahmedabad, which you just can’t miss. So change your weekend plans and go gorge yourself on these Italian dishes right here in your city.

The Blue Oven, Vastrapur – Margherita pizza

the blue oven vastrapur margarita pizza
We believe the simplest yet hardest to do right Italian dish is the simple margarita pizza. This humble pizza is mostly just tomatoes and cheese. But don’t think that that makes this dish easy to execute. The Blue Oven manages to retain the subtle taste of basil in the pizza, not letting any of its subtle flavors be overtaken by the others. Both adults and children will love one margarita pizza.

We love it for its cheesiness but it gets the recommendation for its gorgeous play on subtle flavors. The Blue Oven also has a design your own pizza option. So if you’re not in the mood for the margarita why not design a pizza of your own choice for the best dining experience!

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo, Bodakdev – Spaghetti pomodoro with meatballs

fozzie’s pizzaiolo bodakdev spaghetti pomodoro with meatballs
Another Italian favorite, the simplicity of spaghetti with meatballs is every Italian food lover’s food dream. Fozzie’s is one of the hotels in Ahmedabad that does theirs well. The spaghetti is cooked al dente and their pomodoro sauce is to die for.

The subtle light olive oil creates a dish that you won’t soon forget. The meat balls will be loved by all non-vegetarian aficionados. Another Italian classic done well in your own city.

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Kitchen Krafft Bistro, Gurukul – Pesto bruschetta

kitchen kraft bistro gurukul pesto bruschetta
Bruschetta is a light starter, with delicious toppings served on homemade bread. Sun dried tomatoes and other light toppings make it one of the most flavorful starters you can add to your meal. Kitchen Kraft has a bruschetta with pesto toppings that we couldn’t recommend more. Their pesto is light and fresh and a gorgeous shade of green. The pesto is creamy and fresh, which is heavenly, when paired with their crisp bread. We do suggest you give it a try.

Café Soul Square, Bodakdev – Signature pasta

café soul square bodakdev signature pasta
We wanted to add a dish in here that is a little out of the box, to add to your best dining out story. No Italian meal is complete without pasta. Pasta is a hard dish to get wrong, but it is also a hard dish to do differently.

Their signature pasta is a delicacy made with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and hung curd. It’s a great take on regular pasta and you will definitely enjoy the unique flavors. It’s a mixture of sour and spicy flavors that will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

Raisin, PrahladNagar – Tiramisu

raisin prahladnagar tiramisu
Tiramisu is the quintessential Italian dessert and we would recommend ending all Italian meals with its sweet and savory yumminess. If you love eating out, then you know that Raisin has great desserts and their tiramisu doesn’t lack in any way.
If you have a sweet tooth, which also craves exotic flavors, then this is the absolute right choice for you. Creamy and sweet with subtle coffee flavors, you could not go wrong with this one.

Little Italy, Bodakdev – Lasagna alla gypsy

little italy bodakdev lasagna alla gypsy
We all have a little Garfield inside of us and every time we hear the word lasagna, we get just a little happier. Lasagna is another Italian food staple that you just cannot miss.
Little Italy does theirs with layers of homemade pasta, béchamel sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella, pecorino cheese, mushrooms and aubergines baked in the oven. We are sure everyone’s already drooling over how good that sounds.

Tinello, Hyatt Regency – Raspberry and pistachio Canolli

tinello hyatt regency raspberry and pistachio canolli
Another desert on the menu for all you Italian lovers with an insatiable sweet tooth. This dish is really a genius offering from their pastry chef. Perfect, paper thin raspberry crisp filled with sweet ricotta and pistachios. It’s accompanied by raspberry compote which makes the dish truly complete. The ricotta filling is just the perfect amount of sweet which makes the overall balance of the dessert truly heavenly for your taste buds. It will definitely be your best dining experience.

Let us know if you do plan on eating out and trying any of these dishes! You can also find best restaurant deals near you and enjoy the food. Leave a comment to let us know some of your favorite Italian dishes available in hotels in Ahmedabad, and where we can find them!

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