How to Survive Your Restaurant Business in Pre and Post COVID-19 Crises

survive your restaurant in COVID-19 crises

The Current situation!!

The true test of any business is the way it handles the changes that affect it both externally and internally. That said, COVID-19 is one such unforeseen event that has caused quite a havoc in the almost every business globally. Critical times demand quick actions and the same applies to the restaurant industry as well.

The restaurants that used to have flocks of crowd and never went silent are now almost haunted. With lockdowns imposed on several parts of the world, the worst affected are the restaurants.

While using of a cloud-based solution has been becoming quite a trend in the restaurant industry, online ordering from website is the need of the hour. People are choosing to stay home and deciding to step out only when needed, like buying groceries or medical emergencies. There are many who are not in a situation to step out due to the severity of the COVID-19 cases around their residential areas.

The Solution!!

The COVID-19 crises offers a hidden opportunity to restaurants where they can bank of more takeaways and deliveries since people would want to order that way. Ensure your customers with digital marketing that your food is prepared under clean and hygienic conditions adhering to all the safety measures to ensure quality food and get more takeaway/delivery orders.

There are chances that people might prefer to order a takeaway or delivery more than dining when things get normal. Better times can always be hoped for but post COVID-19, nothing would stay the same like before. The loyal group of people who used to order a takeaway or delivery earlier would stay committed and there are others who would now choose to opt for it.

Turn takeaway and delivery in favour of your restaurant!

takeaway and delivery software for restaurant

Restaurants that get takeaway and delivery orders via online food ordering platforms need to pay heavy charges on every order. This might bring on more reluctancy on the restaurant owner side to continue with them. The best approach would be to have one’s own ordering module integrated into the website. Voolsy is one of the well-established cloud-based solution providers in the hospitality sector that has pro-actively started to offer a restaurant online ordering system for takeaway which is easy to get started with and affordable during these times.

If you are already a Voolsy POS user, simply opt for the plug-in and pay a minor charge for it. The third-party platforms charge more than this plug-in and can take a notable part of your earning through takeaway and delivery. If you have just heard of Voolsy, give it a try. Apart from Website ordering, we offer every feature that helps to increase operation efficiency like records of purchase expense, stock management, order management, menu and recipe management as well as detailed reports of different kinds that can be of great use in the COVID-19 situation as well.

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