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Voolsy offers an affordable ordering platform for your website that helps you save third party costs and manage orders effortlessly! $1/day worth of an investment with us will help you earn much more.

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website food ordering system for restaurant


Make your website more actionable by giving your customers and visitors the ability to order from your website itself. Takeaway/Curbside/Delivery are more of a future compared to Dine-in. In an effort of save cash, restaurants now need solutions that help them replace costs with more orders. Having the ability to place order from website will get your restaurant more customers and ability to reach more crowd.
With Voolsy’s restaurant website ordering system, you can get rid of paying commissions to third party platforms and managing orders easily making your restaurant more independent.

restaurant food ordering app

Branded Mobile App

Cloud based Mobile App solutions are gradually becoming a pressing need for every business. Every restaurant now needs a Mobile App to increase brand loyalty and offer your customer an easy to order solution right from their phones. Considering the need in mind, Voolsy is offering a Mobile App to manage the Takeaway/Curbside/Delivery orders to restaurants with their own branding.
Our Mobile App offers the very same features as the Website offers. You can manage orders from anywhere without having to open a desktop to manage the orders.

restaurant analytics for customer orders


As a restaurant, you often might need to make changes to your menu, update the takeaway/delivery timings due to certain emergencies or situations. Get access to all your customer base, build up loyalty program and market your brand effectively.
Get reports, know your customer preferences and manage the business as needed. The website console of Voolsy is very adaptive to all your needs. We also offer you the ability to add customisations to each of the menu items.

Connecting restaurants and customers through website-ordering

Save on paying commissions and associating with third party costs, get more orders, increase loyalty, manage promotions of restaurant and manage customers’ needs in the right manner.

Save on third party costs

Platforms that offer their services by tying up with restaurants eat a lot of revenue on the commission part. Having your own website ordering platform helps you get rid of them completely.
Orders on your website can be managed easily and the revenue is directly credited to your account without any hidden costs or commission.

Build Loyal Customers

Takeaway/Curbside/Delivery are the future of the restaurant industry at least for the coming few months. For those who rely on food from restaurants, it is important to find a restaurant that is healthy and offers services that are convenient to them.
By offering delivery services that go well with the needs of the customers, a loyal group of customers can be built that prefer to order from your place over others.

Increase your ROI

Having your own website ordering can sound costly however its affordable and reaps more benefits than invested. One gets more orders; more reliability and a lot of redundant costs are saved.
We are only asking you to invest $1/day but the benefits are way more than your investment.

helping you increase


We help you achieve your goals



A lot of external factors bring revenue to a standstill for many businesses. Same applies for restaurant industry too. On a lookout to find ways to generate revenue and survive, Voolsy’s website ordering for takeaway/curbside/delivery will help you generate earnings on a parallel level as that of the dine in.

Increase the Return

on Investment

We require your investment of $ 1 per day and in return you can expect to get back much more from your orders. No hidden costs or commissions make it even more worthwhile to use our system.

Secure and

Quality Services

Voolsy’s online restaurant ordering platform has integrated payment modes that are used worldwide which make it more reliable and safer. The operational process is simple with no extra steps and everything is transparent.



Simple and quick process makes it easy to accept orders and deliver them. Since the online ordering system is cloud based, records can be accessed from anywhere. Easy updates to the menu can be done in a matter of minutes.

Reasons to say 'YES'!

Meeting current

customer needs

Customer needs change with different times and every business needs to adapt according to it. Voolsy’s online restaurant ordering system meets all the current needs and help you serve customers in a better way. It is a flexible platform that can be tweaked as needed.


and Reliable

An investment of $1 per day and getting more revenue in return make our system economical. Since we are cloud-based, it makes us more robust. Our system can be accessed from Phones via an app or through your website which makes it more versatile.



Restaurant business can be uncertain and hence a partner is needed that is available for constant support. We serve numerous clients worldwide and make sure that their queries or instant concerns are looked at. Our support team ensures that we stand by your side when urgent support is needed so you can serve customers efficiently.

Improved customer


A lot of people require takeaway/curbside/delivery services and depend on restaurant ordering online platforms since they are working from home or are not in a situation to prepare food on regular basis. By offering easy order facility on your website and better pickups or curbside services, you can offer quality food to your customers.


a) Your restaurant website: The customer can place order through your website once you have signed up with Voolsy’s website ordering services and we have processed all the needed setup to get the operations started.

b) Mobile App: We also offer Mobile App which customers can use in their phones to place orders. The Mobile App comes with all the same +features as that of the website.

Yes, we, as Voolsy, are a team comprising of developers and designers who are well versed in creating websites and apps as per the needs of our customers. A fixed cost based on your need will be given and we can offer you our services as needed.

No! We charge monthly or annual subscription as per your requirement. So, your commitment to use can stay for the time. For the next billing cycle, if you wish to continue, you can pay for the renewal!

Please note that card processing fees will still apply. However, Voolsy Online Ordering does not charge any commission fees on online orders, unlike many third-party providers.

We will integrate payment gateway available in your region and you will directly receive payments in your bank account as per payment gateway policies. We do not hold anything on your payment.

Yes, we do have team of experts who will help you to get more orders and more visibility on search engines. We also provide social media services for your restaurants. You can reach us for further information and we can assist you further as needed.

Yes, we can provide your domain service at additional cost.

No, you do not need hosting if you are going for only ordering website. You will require hosting in case you require marketing website.

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