How You can run your restaurant during the demonetisation period and can continue to increase the foot fall

Looking for the waiter to take their order, longing for food to arrive and waiting to pay the bill often leads to a customer’s dissatisfaction. With the recent demonetisation of currency, restaurants have become like a barren land with nobody or fewer people to be found. With the discontinuation of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes people are intending to spend less cash. The new 500 and 2000 Rupee notes are gradually coming in circulation. Undoubtedly, the vision of a cashless economy is a dream that is coming to life however the restaurant industry is facing temporary crisis.

Solutions to Restaurant Owners:
Besides providing quality food, how to maintain or increase the footfall is the prime concern of every restaurant owner. Here are some solutions to be looked for:

Swipe and Wipe the Tears: Accept it now or later but now is the time when every restaurant owner needs to have a Mobile Card Machine ready. It will solve one of the major problems that customers are facing due to cash crunch and would let them dine more without any worry.

The point of Sale Software: Every restaurant needs to have Point of Sale Software. Keeping track of orders and bills on just a piece of paper is not easy and reliable. Many a times as a restaurant owner you need to cater to large orders or multiple orders. In such situations, a POS software helps to keep sorted record of the transactions and generates online bills. So even if any government official comes to question you, you will have a ready online record of each and every transaction making you a well dignified and respected citizen of new India.

Voolsy: A complete solution
VOOLSY is a software offering a perfect cashless solution to handle the recent crises. It also lets you manage records of transactions and payments with ease besides helping the customers to dine better.

Get your restaurant Listed
get your restaurant listed
Get your restaurant listed with Voolsy and it will help customers find a way to your restaurant. Easy online payment options combined with super fast food ordering inside the restaurant would be an added advantage to your benefit. Voolsy will suggest the users about your restaurant and consequently there will be an increase in the footfall for dining.

Forget to worry
forget to worry
Voolsy helps you utilise the staff efficiently since the app has an online menu which the users can access directly from their smartphones to place orders inside the restaurant. Your staff can now focus on serving better food. As a restaurant owner, you don’t need to cut cash receipts or accept old currency or cheques. Voolsy customers can make payment through Voolsy which would in return help them earn more cashbacks and dine even more.

Secured Payment Transaction System
secured payment transaction system
Voolsy has the secured order processing and payment system. You never need to worry about any malware, theft or suspicious activity on your data or transaction. Voolsy takes care of it.

In-depth Analysis
in depth analysis
Different POS systems offer convenient management of transactions and payments. Detailed real time analytics of the customers dining at your place is something new that Voolsy offers. Know the preferences of your customers, their age group, the most liked dish and much more with just with a few taps.

Universal System
universal system
If you have a restaurant chain, it is likely that you might need to invest in POS, Swipe machines, Desktops for each of the outlet. Voolsy asks for negligible investment since the need of POS and Swipe machines is replaced and a better tech savvy solution is offered at less cost. Again, visiting each outlet becomes a tiring task besides checking the operations and trying to maintain consistency in all the outlets. With Voolsy, you can track all your locations with a single computer. Neither do you need to visit every location, nor you need to be present at your Restaurant. Access reports and restaurant performance from anywhere around the world.

Our PM is making smart efforts to make India a developed, transparent and cashless economy. So why can’t we think smart and implement solutions to make our life much advanced, fun and easy ? Install Voolsy to get things done faster and let your customers eat their heart out.

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